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Beat the Summer Heat!

Summer is almost’s time to PLAY!

There are many ways to be safe, healthy and have fun this summer. Here are some ideas:

Fun in the Sun:

·         Wear sunscreen. (Don’t get burned. It may increase your risk for disease.)

·         Cover up with hats, sunglasses and light clothing.

·         Play outside in the morning and evening.

·         Stay cool by taking cool showers or baths.

·         Use bug spray to stay away from bug bites.

·         Make sure you are at a playground with friends or parents.

·         Wear safety gear while playing.

·         Wear a life jacket while in the water.

·         ALWAYS drink lots of water! (Hydrating helps keep our blood flowing.)


June is when we celebrate Father’s Day. Check out this fun activity sheet to do with a father figure in your life.

June is also Men’s Health Month. Here are some fun, active things to do with your dad:

·         Play basketball

·         Do a craft together

·         Go on a bike ride

·         Make a meal together


Remember to continue playing on the Healthy Kids’ Club website to learn more ways to stay healthy.

Your friend,

CC the Panda



CC’s message to parents: There has been a Whooping Cough outbreak in Washington State, we want you to be informed. Please view our website for details

Quick Facts:

·         Learn about vaccinating your child

·         Infants are at greatest risk

·         Over 300 cases this year already







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