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Safety First!

Hi friend,

Happy spring! 
The weather is getting nicer and summer is around the corner. Make sure you’re spending time outside! I sure am!

Here is a fun way to spend more time outside and get exercise this week:

May 6th is National Bike to School Day!

Bicycling is a fun and healthy way to be active with your family and friends. Check out these tips before riding to school:

·         How your bike should fit:

When siting on the bike with feet on the pedals, there should be a slight bend in the knee when the pedal is closest to the ground.

·         Bike Visibility:

Make sure your bike has reflectors on both wheels front and back. 

·         Helmet fit:

Helmet should fit two finger widths above your eyebrows. With helmet buckled, straps should meet just below the ear.  Lastly, when your helmet is buckled you should be able to fit no more than two fingers between the buckle and the chin.

·         Before riding your bike:

Talk with your parents, practice riding the route to school, dress to be seen, tie your shoe laces and tuck pant legs, check your bike for safety and put your helmet on!

·         While riding your bike:  

Look and listen for traffic, watch for vehicles going in and out of driveways, keep both hands on the handlebars, stop before crossing the street, ride single file and in the same direction as cars, and lastly, obey traffic laws.

Join National Bike to School Day! Participate at an event in your area! Go to and register today.


Try these fun activities at home!

Bike Word Scramble

Paul's Maze Trip


Remember to continue playing on the Healthy Kids’ Club website to learn more ways to stay healthy.


Your friend,

CC the Panda





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