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News, reminders, and dissertation writing tips for Lindenwood EdD students
July  2013 
New Certificate in Applied Research Methods
In Fall of 2013, the Department of Educational Leadership will begin offering a new graduate certificate (note: this is not related to teacher/administrator certification).  This 18 hour graduate program is for those individuals who wish to deepen their knowledge of research methods to improve learning in a workplace or educational setting.  Doctoral students can earn this certificate while working on an EdD, and All But Dissertation students could pursue the certificate while finishing their dissertations.  Let me know if you are interested!
Using Online Surveys?
Read a great description of a national email survey to teachers (about writing, of course!) here.  Check out the description of the method for the survey questions and the low response rate (about 10%).  Be prepared for a low response rate for your own research, and be familiar with the best practices for online surveying.

I need your help with my own research!  Elizabeth Polzin and I were accepted for a roundtable presentation at the Association for the Study of Higher Education.  We need your thoughts on the dissertation supports offered here at Lindenwood.  I will take your ideas and implement them in Capstone III in the Fall.  Click here to take a few minutes to fill out the survey.  Thanks in advance for your time!  Elizabeth and I will also compare your responses to the responses of doctoral students from across the globe!
Technology Tips
Your dissertation document should look like a dissertation; in other words, you should be using the template.  Fill in with your committee, title, and even abstract. Your chapter drafts should not be in separate documents; your chair or other reader can use the Table of Contents to find the appropriate chapter.  You might as well use the correct format, font, margins, page numbers, etc. now.

Have you used for your dissertation lately?  If not, use the class ID 5910892 with the password dissertation.  Not sure how to interpret your Originality Report?  Watch this video.

Coming soon! In the fall, there will be a new Blackboard shell for all EdD students.  Look under the "my organizations" at the bottom when you log in.  

This Blackboard community will have resources for dissertation writing, a discussion board for networking, videos on how to use template and IRBNet, and much more.  Unlike a course, this community will not archive.  Announcements to all EdD students will be disseminated using the Blackboard system.
Are you interested in having a writing group on the new Blackboard site?  Let me know; I can create a discussion board that only your group can see.  I can do the same thing for your dissertation committee.  I am very excited about this new tool, and I hope you will take a look when classes begin in August.
LU Hosting Research Conference in the Fall
Lindenwood University is proud to host the 2013 Research-to-Practice Conference in Adult and Higher Education on Friday September 20 and Saturday September 21.  Several Lindenwood faculty and doctoral students are presenting their research at this conference.  Congratulations to all of you!  Even if you are not presenting, I recommend attending; there is even a Saturday-only registration for students that is very reasonable.  This conference, in particular, is especially welcoming to graduate students and is a great place to network with other students and faculty from across the country.  See more details at our website.  If you are interested in volunteering at the conference, please let me know.
From the Desk of Dr. Beth
Thanks to everyone who has been attending the writing group meetings over the summer.  Several members are very close to turning in a final draft.  I am so proud when I hear doctoral students giving constructive feedback to others.

In the fall, Dr. Wisdom and I will be teaching Capstone III and Capstone Experience (EDA 78000).  If you are in either of these courses, I invite you to attend the workshops every Monday night from 5-7.  Click here for a schedule.  The computer lab will also be available until 9:30.  For years, you've taken two classes on Monday or Tuesday night.  Why stop now?  You need an uninterrupted block of time to write.  It's worth the trip to campus.

The key to finishing your dissertation is simply this . . . write.  Writing at this level requires time and attention to detail.  You have to make the time; there are no shortcuts.  The less time you dedicate to writing, the longer it will take you to finish.  However, make sure you are being effective and efficient with your writing.  Don't waste time on formatting or technical issues.  Ask for help and move on.  The support systems for dissertation writing here at Lindenwood are unparalleled, but they are only helpful if you use them.

Happy Writing!  I look forward to seeing you in the basement of the library next week!

Dr. Beth


Reminders and Deadlines

Join us in the basement of the library computer lab on July 22-26.  The lab will be open from 8 AM-5PM all week.  Bring snacks and everything you need to work on your dissertation!  

Comprehensive exams will be held on Saturday July 20 from 8-1:30 in Spellmann 3085.  Contact Dr. Graham Weir for more information.

Planning to participate in the December graduation ceremony? The deadline for dissertation submission is August 26.

Over 50 students receive my daily text messages  with motivation to keep writing!  Text @capston to 424 247 5911 (that's not a typo, it's "capston" with no e).  Students tell me how helpful this is!

I am always looking for tips and resources for the newsletter!  Please email me if you would like to share something!

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