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     Well, it is a couple of weeks after New Year’s Day, the festivities of the Holiday Season are over and behind us and we are back in the swing of our day to day work life.  Most, if not all of us,have made some New Year’s Resolutions for the upcoming year.  We also tend to evaluate our past year’s resolutions. Finish the year in the black – check; gain new customers – check; show appreciation to existing customers – check; play more golf – no; spend more time with family – incomplete; lose weight and get in shape – well for the 36th consecutive year – NO.

     So have you evaluated your resolutions from last year? Have you made new ones for this year? Have you already broken them?

    The week between Christmas and New Year’s is typically a slower time for the construction industry.Many people take the last of their vacation days, and those of us who have used our allotment already use this time to clean off our desks and prepare for what we hope will be a busy New Year.  It was during one of these slow, clean up days that I had a chance to reflect on my resolutions from last year and think about my resolutions for 2014.  I made my personal resolutions, my resolutions for my work life, and then started thinking about resolutions for TJ Wies Contracting as a company.  It hit me that one of the ideas that I was considering for TJ Wies was also a thought that the entire construction industry could use.

     Somehow over the past several years I have changed from the “young whipper-snapper” to the “seasoned veteran who parcels out sage advice” (someone else’s description, definitely not mine).  But as the years passed, I have noticed that the fun has left our industry.  I do not know how or why this has changed. I suspect that maybe the increased speed of the construction process, the competitiveness of the marketplace, and the loss of available workall have played a role,but there seems to be very little trust or respect for each other in many instances.  This leads to contentious jobsites where animosity, anger, fear and intimidation triumphs over cooperation, collaboration, and coordination. 

     Last night I saw the AT&T commercial with the little kids around the table and the little boy talks about his New Year Revolution – the industry needs a Revolution – make the construction industry fun again!

     So, here is my resolution / revolution for 2014 and going forward - it is the intent of everyone at TJ Wies Contracting to treat our employees, co-workers, suppliers, and customers as friends.  When disputes arise (they will, they always have, the only difference is how we handled them in the past as opposed to how we handle them currently) we will evaluate the situation from the other person’s perspective and work toward a friendly and amicable solution that is in the best interest for all involved.  We will work hard to bring the fun back into the construction industry.It was once fun and it can be again.  Someone has to start, why not us?  Anyone want to follow?

     Until next month, work safe, work hard and HAVE FUN!


P.S. – yes, maybe the 37th year will be the one

Tim Wies
TJ Wies Contracting

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