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 Giving Thanks


      Thanksgiving, that wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, food, football and fun.  In my mind, it is also the start of the “Holiday Season”, a month long celebration of merriment, good cheer and good will that ends rather abruptly on New Year’s Day with a headache.

     This is also the time of year that we reflect upon all of the blessings bestowed upon us and give thanks to our creator and our loved ones.  Unfortunately for a lot of us, life itself can get in the way of us giving thanks more often throughout the year.  I am guilty of this myself, I do not tell those around me how much I appreciate them often enough.  So, here I am, at Thanksgiving time, writing my thoughts. 

     To all of my colleagues and associates here at TJ Wies Contracting, I thank each and every one of you.  Each of you work very hard every day to make our company the best that we can be.  All of you have bought into our vision that by providing top quality performance combined with top tier professionalism we will all be very successful.  We are the best because you are the best!

     To our suppliers, vendors, and labor partners, we thank you greatly.   One of the keys to our success is performance, without your continuous commitment to TJ Wies Contracting, we could not provide the performance that we are known for. 

     To our customers, our life-blood, thank you, thank you, thank you!  We truly appreciate the opportunities that you have given us over the years.  Your faith in us has allowed us to grow from a small startup contractor working out of a basement to what we are today! 

     The TJ Wies Contracting community has been very fortunate, our success both past and future depends on all of you, and for this I am extremely grateful.   Thank you mostly for being my friends!

     Happy Holiday Season to all, work safe, work hard, give thanks, and HAVE FUN!


Tim Wies
TJ Wies Contracting

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