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     Change. It is a fact of life. Our very survival as the human race depends upon change and adaptation. But change is difficult for most people. We prefer to have the comfort of routine as opposed to the stress of change, and thus we tend to fear change. We fear the unknown of change, we fear the possible failure of implemented changes, we fear the amount of work involved in making changes. Nonetheless, changes are part of nature and we tend to embrace and enjoy the changes of nature.

      One of the great things about living in the Midwest, and more specifically Missouri, is the fact that we have four very distinct changes in seasons. I appreciate each of the seasons but my favorites are Spring and Autumn. As I write this we are going through the changes of Autumn – football season is in full swing, October baseball is special in St. Louis, and Mother Nature is changing to prepare for Winter dormancy and the resurgence of Spring.

     Just as nature’s seasonal changes bring new growth and vitality each year, organizations also need change in order for growth, vitality, and simple survival to take place. Highly successful organizations develop a culture of change; status quo is not accepted, and they develop the attitude of “good is the enemy of great”.

     TJ Wies Contracting is continually working to become one of these highly successful organizations. Our past and future success depends on our commitment to continuous learning, embracing change, and looking forward to innovation. A key innovation that we utilize is new technologies. Our foremen are supplied with laptops, and we use Robotic Total Station layout and in-house BIM modeling on some projects. Another innovation is the use of our MAGA-CON and Panel-Max machines to pre-fabricate, in-house, intricate soffit and bulkhead assemblies containing perfect corners, without the need for cornerbead or trims. These machines are key components of projects comprising panelization, pre-fabrication, and modularization work.

      So, whether it be from using cordless screw-guns on-site to eliminate tripping hazards, to the use of new technologies, TJ Wies Contracting is constantly focused on becoming more efficient, more productive, and therefore more valuable to our customers. To all of you who have given us the opportunity to bring our value to your projects… THANK YOU!! And to those of you who we have not had the pleasure of working for lately, please give us a chance to show you how we can bring our value to your projects, and hopefully make your life a little easier.

      Thanks for reading, and until next time, work safe, work hard, and have fun!


Tim Wies
TJ Wies Contracting

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