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Are on the Line


As an owner/architect/general contractor your project is full of pitfalls, unknowns, and risk. Do you really want to put your name and reputation on the line with the lowest bidder? Many times the lowest price on bid day does not produce the best value for your project. Your project could suffer from inferior quality, responsiveness, schedule impacts, and safety issues. Any and all of these not only affect your project, but also your personal health and well being. I for one do like to sleep at night, so I try to surround myself with people and organizations that I can depend on every day, no matter what.

     The choice of your wall and ceiling (W&C) contractor is one of the most important decisions that you can make on your project. Today’s W&C contractors cannot be just “dumb drywallers” – as referenced on the TV show Roseanne. In that show her husband Dan (John Goodman) was a “drywall contractor”; this is a somewhat accurate picture of some W&C contractors that are bidding your projects. Do you want to trust your project to Dan?

      Today’s projects are more complex, the schedules are much more compressed, and the responsibilities of the W&C contractor are infinitely greater. The W&C contractor is involved on the “critical path” from slab to finishes, and is therefore often used to drive the project’s schedule. They are part of the team that provides a weather-tight seal to your project’s building envelope. The W&C contractor is responsible for the life-safety of the building, whether it be passive fireproofing of the steel structure or the fire-rated separation walls within the building. These two items are huge responsibilities, and therefore a huge risk for the building’s stakeholders. 
      Finally, as the building comes closer to completion, the W&C contractor impacts the final look and feel of your project. The quality of the drywall finish is directly related to the final quality of your painted surfaces. Your project’s first impression to others is from the outside, the W&C contractor is responsible for the EIFS and plaster. And when you look up at the inside of your building, you should be admiring the awesome acoustical or specialty ceiling setting your building apart. Do you really want to trust your project to Dan?

     We at TJ Wies Contracting pride ourselves in being THE consummate “Professional Wall and Ceiling Contractor”. Next month I will pose questions to you to use when you are evaluating who you would like on your project team. Until then, work safe, work hard, and have fun.

Tim Wies
TJ Wies Contracting

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