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Tips for Academic Success
Developing a Biblical Worldview

Our mission at North County Christian School is to “work in partnership with the family and church to provide excellent education rooted in Biblical truths…”  We are committed to helping your children achieve academic excellence at the same time we help them develop a solid understanding of God’s Word and how scripture is intended to guide every aspect of our lives.  This is what it means to have a Biblical worldview.

At times, it can become easy for us, as parents, to push the spiritual training of our children off onto the church and/or their Christian school.  However, scripture clearly gives parents the responsibility for teaching their children about God’s Word.  I will not claim that this is an easy task, but with a steady and consistent approach, it is a very attainable task.  Following are some suggestions for taking the lead as parents in the spiritual training of your children that utilize the partnership you have with your church and North County Christian School.

1.        Learn their scripture memory passages with them.  Your children have Bible memory assignments every week.  We encourage you to help them succeed in learning their verses by learning with them.  Take ten minutes each day to read and practice the memory verses together with your child.  Start by reading the verses together, then take turns reciting the verses.  Taking time to discuss the meaning of the verses together will help your child understand that scripture does have meaning for their life.  For longer verses or passages, break them into smaller portions and memorize a portion at a time.  If your children realize you are also memorizing the verses, it will help to motivate them as they see the importance of memorizing and understanding God’s Word.

2.       Read the Bible passages associated with your children’s Bible lessons with them.  Each week, spend some time as a family reading through the Bible passages or stories your children are studying in their Bible class.  Take turns reading until you have read the entire passage with them.  Then talk with them about what they are learning about the passage in their class.  Share your thoughts with them about how the lesson can apply to your lives today.  Share examples of how the Bible truths learned in their lessons have been meaningful to you in your life.  When it comes time for their Bible tests or quizzes, take some time to help them study by quizzing them.

3.       Refer to Bible lessons or scripture passages they have learned previously when they have direct application to situations that come up in the lives of your children or your families.  Using truth from scripture to help your children learn to make sense of their circumstances and make decisions is a direct way to help them develop a Biblical worldview. 

Obviously, the above strategies can also be utilized with lessons and verses your children may be learning in Sunday School or from your pastor’s messages.  If you are using these, or other strategies, keep it up.  Your persistence will pay off in helping your children develop a reverence for scripture and a worldview that is guided by it.  If you are not currently using these strategies, we encourage you to choose one of them and start using it this week.  We are committed to partnering with you in your efforts to train your children in the truth of God’s Word.  When we stay faithful in doing our part, God will prove faithful in helping our children grow closer in their relationship with Him.

The drama department will be sharing their talents and you are invited!  The production is Three Goats, a Huff and a Puff, and Cinderella.  What a fun night out for the family!  Doors open at 5:30 pm on Friday, November 10th and the show will start at 6 pm. Tickets are $5.
Christmas Scrip is Coming
This is a perfect time for you to enroll in our Scrip gift card program and online ordering.  It is easy!  Just go to www.shopwithscrip.com and create an account.  Our NCCS enrollment code is 1C6EF4453336.  Now you can order from hundreds of gift cards available online. Our orders are placed on Monday mornings at 9 am and will be available for pick up in our office by Thursday after school. You can also enroll in Presto Pay and have the payment for your cards taken directly out of your account. After approval in Presto Pay, you can reload and print out your own gift cards without ever having to remember to stop in the administration  office! NCCS will share half of the profits of what cards you purchase with you on your fundraising fee. Plan ahead, and start saving! Feel free to call 972-6227 Ext 102 or email  t.harman@nccsmo.org for more information.
Books Are Fun
Books Are Fun are here!  There is a display of books and gifts set up in the foyer of A building.  Stop by and check it out; you may find some great deals for Christmas! Orders are due on Friday, November 3rd and items will be delivered on Monday, November 6th.

October 30
4-9 pm

The Spanish 3 class invites you to join them at Panda Express on Lindbergh in Florissant.
20% of the sales will be donated to the class for their trip to Honduras. 
Just think, good food, good fellowship, no cooking, and no clean up!  You will need a flyer to present on October 30th. You may pick up flyers in any one of our offices.

November 1
Picture Retake Day

November 2
Fall Sports Awards
7:00 pm

Please join us as we support the Spanish 3 class and their trip to Honduras

Saturday, November 4th;
doors open at 6 pm, trivia starts at 6:30 

Tickets are just $10

Popcorn, tea, lemonade, and coffee will be provided. You are welcome to bring snacks for your table to share. 

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