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January | February 2013 Newsletter
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Tobi Specialty Program

New "Free" Programs

What's Next for FC's ReX?
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I've been with Foundation Care for six months, and the service I have received has been excellent!
-Minneapolis, MN-            
The customer service staff is unbelievably kind and understanding of my needs!
-Bayside, NY-  

The service has been excellent!  On the phone everyone has been polite and very helpful!
-Aston, PA-
Nice staff and knowledgable employees!
-Sacramento, CA-


 Insurance Information Update

In order to make sure your medication deliveries will not be interrupted, call Foundation Care to update or correct any inaccurate insurance information. Make sure we have the right information for 2013 and rest easy knowing you’re covered.


Thanks again for allowing Foundation Care to be your pharmacy!

2012 was a groundbreaking year in the world of cystic fibrosis care and it has finally come to a close.  We’re hoping the last 12 months have set us up for an even more exciting 2013!  Here’s a look at what’s happening at the start of the year.

Tobi Specialty Program... space

Beginning February 1, 2013, TOBI® (Tobramycin Inhalation Solution, USP) will be available only through a selection of Specialty Pharmacies. Good news – Foundation Care has been selected to be one of those pharmacies!

Novartis chose these pharmacies to provide TOBI to ensure patients receive the benefits you have grown accustom to as a Foundation Care patient:

  • 24/7 counseling support from trained nurses and pharmacists who are experts on cystic fibrosis
  • Fast, convenient home delivery at no additional cost
  • Personal refill reminders (by phone, email or text)
  • Help with insurance coverage, benefits, and copay assistance
  • Potential savings on your co-pays
  • Full service “One Stop Shop” for all your pharmacy needs
  • Convenience for the entire family
  • Customized respiratory medications by an accredited compounding pharmacy

As always, Foundation Care hopes to offer you personalized and excellent service.

Also, don’t forget:

If you order TOBI from Foundation Care, you may qualify to receive CF Multivitamins, a PARI LC PLUS, AND Hypertonic Saline FREE with each prescription.

To find out services unique to Foundation Care or to transfer your TOBI prescription, please call a patient care representative today at (877) 291-1122!


New "Free" Programs


Foundation Care continually strives to cut the costs of products and services to help our patients save money whenever possible.  We’ve recently updated our “Everyday Specials” and hope all eligible patients take advantage of our new programs.  When ordering:

  • Cayston (NEW SPECIAL!):
    • Add Hypertonic Saline (generic or compounded) for FREE!*
  • Enzymes:
    • Add Hypertonic Saline (generic or compounded), CF Vitamins, OR a Pari LC Plus for FREE!*
  • TOBI Inhalation Solution, Tobramycin or Colistimethate:               
    • Add Hypertonic Saline (generic or compounded), CF Vitamins, AND a Pari LC Plus for FREE!*

*Offer may not be available in all areas. This offer is good for qualified customers only. This offer is not valid for prescriptions purchased under Medicaid, Medicare or similar federal or state programs or where prohibited by law. Foundation Care reserves the right to amend or discontinue this offer at any time without notice.

Opt2Thrive  space
Foundation Care is excited to announce a new product called Opt2Thrive™ - a therapeutic supplement for individuals having trouble gaining weight due to a variety of illnesses, diseases and conditions.   

The drink is all-natural and contains the calories, protein and fiber needed to gain weight, strength, energy, build muscles and maximize the ability to recover.  Opt2Thrive is recommended as a shake, but the company has created other recipes to prevent the patient from getting tired of the same thing, every day.

Please call Foundation Care for more information!

 What's Next for FC's ReX? space
As of 2013, our friendly (fictional) pharmacist ReX will become a permanent fixture at Foundation Care’s home base in Earth City, MO.  ReX is excited to interact with patients and their families online through our website: http://www.foundcare.com/.

He has created games and activities for all ages.  These activities will change every other month, so check back often to test your skills at solving puzzles, brain teasers and more! 

 In addition, Rex even added a place for crafts and DIY (do-it-yourself) projects.  You can view ways to use those Foundation Care coolers and boxes and even share your own ideas!

Check out what ReX has to offer!


Have a wonderful day!

Foundation Care
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Toll-Free: (877) 291-1122
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Email: help@foundcare.com

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