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There is no school for all WSD students on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday November 23, 24, & 25 for the Thanksgiving break. Enjoy your Holiday!

As the WSD Wellness Committee moves forward this year, they would like to refocus their efforts on the entire school community. To accomplish this task, they would like your thoughts and suggestions as to what you feel the Wellness Committee should focus their time and attention on in order to make our school community healthier.

Please take the time to complete the survey and share what “wellness” means to you... 


Inclement Weather Reminders

Timely communication with our District families is always a priority, but especially important in emergency school closing situations. If WSD schools are forced to close due to inclement weather or other factors (i.e. power outages, water main breaks) parents/guardians and students will be notified in the following ways:

District Phone Call/Text/Email

The Wentzville School District utilizes Blackboard, a mass communication broadcast system that allows school administrators to notify all households by phone, text and email within minutes of an emergency or unplanned event that causes early dismissal or school cancellation. The service may also be used occasionally by individual schools to communicate general announcements or reminders. Please be sure to notify the school office about any change in your personal contact information. You always have the option of how you would like to receive notifications (you can turn off the call and only receive texts and/or emails for example). Simply contact the Community Relations office to change your delivery preferences by calling 636/327-3800, ext. 20357 or email


When inclement weather causes the District to cancel school or dismiss classes early, please check the following television and radio stations for school closing information.

KTVI - TV Channel 2
KMOV - TV Channel 4
KSDK - TV Channel 5
KMOX Radio 1120 AM
KWRE Radio 730 AM
KFAV Radio 99.9 FM

These TV and radio stations also have web sites with the same school closing information. Look for the Wentzville R-IV School District. Please be advised that individual schools will not be listed separately, closings will always be listed as the Wentzville R-IV School District.


The District website will be updated with any emergency school closing information. Please check on the homepage.

Facebook and Twitter

The WSD has its own Facebook page (Wentzville School District) be sure to “like” us! It's a great way to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the District, complete with pictures. You can also follow the District on Twitter, just search for WSDinfo. Both social media sites will be used not only to keep community members informed about the latest news in the District, but in the event of a school closing or emergency, this will be yet another means of communicating quickly and efficiently.

WSD App Push Notification

The WSD also has an app you can download and choose to follow your child's school. The app is an additional notification tool used in the event of a school closing or emergency to send followers a push notification directly to your phone. You can download the WSD app from iTunes or Google Play.

The Good Steward Committee is always seeking input on how the WSD can be more efficient, and is currently looking for new committee members. The committee is comprised of community members, parents and employees and meets once a month to discuss cost cutting suggestions. If you have a suggestion to share, or would like to serve on the committee, you can email with your ideas.

PROGRESS AS PROMISED...In April, 2015, voters approved Proposition E which generated approximately $50 million in construction projects to accommodate the WSD's continued enrollment growth. Many of those projects have been completed and are highlighted in this VIDEO UPDATE. Remember, you can always visit the WSD website for the latest construction updates as well!

The District is utilizing Twitter to communicate with athletes, students and parents! Twitter is a quick and easy social media tool that allows followers to receive notifications via email and/or text. A complete list of WSD teams, principals and teachers you can follow can be found on the District website.


Are you new to the WSD? Be sure to download the WSD app to have important information right at your fingertips. The app is available for both android and Apple devices.

What is your passion? Check out THIS VIDEO where WSD students and staff talk about their passion and consider submitting a video for the First Annual Film Festival. Learn more at

American Education Week
South Middle School teachers chose students who inspire them to come to work and let them know as part of a student recognition project. Their reactions are a great reminder during American Education Week of the impact educators have on their students. #WSDlearns #WSDcares
WSD Scores 97.1 on State Report Card

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released the Annual Performance Report (APR) data last week for school districts around the state. The WSD scored 97.1% in the evaluation system, up from 95.4% last year and the highest the District has scored since the state started using the evaluation tool four years ago. The APR is part of the Missouri School Improvement Plan (MSIP 5), a rigorous evaluation tool for rating the performance of Missouri school districts.

WSD Honors Veterans

Schools across the District payed tribute to veterans last week with breakfasts, student performances, slideshows honoring past and present members of the military, and special guest speakers.

At Holt High School, senior AJ Fisher read an essay entitled, "The Hero Right Down the Hallway" which was written by sophomore Alyssa Jones about teacher and coach Ethan Place, recipient of a Silver Star for his actions during combat in Fallujah.

At Liberty High School, Lead Custodian Luther Morris Jr. was the guest speaker and he shared his experience as a marine medic and first responder to the Pentagon on 9-11. He urged students to show respect for those who have served to protect their freedom and to also be respectful of those who may not always agree with your point of view. "That freedom to disagree is what veterans fought for and it's what makes America special," he said.

At Timberland, veterans were visibly emotional as they entered the gymnasium to a standing ovation by 1,600 teenage students. Among the vets present at that assembly were five World War II veterans. Junior Alex Thomason delivered an inspiring speech, asking students to reach out and thank a veteran for their service. "The next time you walk or drive by an American flag, I want you to think about the sacrifice that was made trying to get that flag there, because that flag does not fly because the wind is blowing it, it flies with the very last breath of every person who died protecting it."

In addition to the celebrations, schools held service projects that included making cards for current service members deployed overseas and collecting items for care packages. Schools also organized fundraisers for organizations that serve veterans like the Wounded Warrior Project, and Veterans of Foreign Wars. A very proud day indeed in the WSD!
VIDEO: WSD EMPLOYEES who have served
or are currently serving...
WSD Receives Robotics Grant
Wentzville Middle School has received a $2,500 grant from the EDC Business and Community Partners Education Committee for a new, all-girls robotics team. WMS Science and Project Lead the Way Teacher Ed Picone applied for the grant to encourage female students to explore tech fields. He says he was inspired after attending a training where three female engineers talked about how hands-on learning when they were younger led each of them into the field of engineering. “We have a primarily male robotics team at WMS now. The female students will at times join the team, but at this age they find it more appealing to work with an all-female group. Hands-on learning is the best way for all students to be exposed to options with regard to educational and career choices.”

STEM in the WSD
Dr. Karen Hill, Director of Professional & Program Development, wrote a great article about STEM in the WSD that is featured on the 70westsentinel website. #WSDproud
K-6 Plan for Growth: Boundary Update
The Boundary Committee has completed its work on a K-6 Boundary Proposal for the Board of Education.

The Boundary Committee met twice in October to review public comments and updated enrollment numbers in relation to the two draft scenarios the Committee had developed for the 2017-18 school year to accommodate two new schools and the shift to K-6 elementary buildings. The Committee collectively decided to move ahead with one draft boundary scenario and made modifications based on both public feedback and the latest enrollment data. The Boundary Proposal can be viewed online by utilizing the BOUNDARY LOCATOR TOOL.

Just plug in your address to see which elementary school your student will attend. Middle and High school boundaries (which are not changing, based on your address) can be viewed as well. (PLEASE NOTE: The high school locator is currently not working properly but we are working on correcting that. Remember, the middle school and high school boundaries have not changed. So if you live in the Frontier Middle boundary, you are still in the Liberty High School boundary as well.)

We want to point out that significant changes have been made since the two draft scenarios were shared with the public in September. Those modifications were made based on stakeholder feedback and updated enrollment numbers. Committee members were very thoughtful when making those decisions and when neighborhoods needed to be shifted, every effort was made to do that purposefully and to not move students from their current school to a school that would then be overpopulated. Significant differences from the September draft scenarios include: Bear Creek will stay at Heritage; East and West Hampton Woods will move to Boone Trail; Hidden Valley will move to Heritage; Manors of GlenBrook will stay at Prairie View. These are not all of the changes, so please utilize the BOUNDARY LOCATOR TOOL to confirm which school your neighborhood will attend.

The ONLINE FORUM is also available for the public to weigh in and leave comments through December 1st. Stakeholders are always welcome to email WSD administrators and Board of Education members directly or speak during Open Forum at the next regular Board of Education meeting on November 17, 2016 beginning at 7:00pm. The Boundary recommendation will be made to the Board of Education at the December 15th meeting.

A special thank you to each of the Boundary Committee members who worked countless hours since March drafting this Boundary Proposal and communicating with stakeholders. They did an exceptional job and we appreciate their time and talent in this important endeavor. Everyone involved in the process understands this is a very personal and significant change for some WSD families. We respect that, and we are confident that our caring staff will ensure a smooth transition for affected students and their families. “Each WSD school is exceptional,” said Superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain. “At the end of the day, all WSD students will be in a school where the bar is set high and where our phenomenal educators will ensure every child has the tools they need to be successful.”

Boundary updates can always be found on the WSD website.

Students Collect Turkeys for Families in Need
WSD students held turkey drives this week to benefit No Hunger Holiday and local families in need. Holt students collected the most frozen birds in our District in what has become a friendly competition between county high schools. Wentzville Middle and Heritage families assisted Holt and in the end, the Indians collected 289 turkeys! Timberland students collected enough money to purchase 34 frozen birds in the effort.

The turkeys went to No Hunger Holiday, a non-profit program that works to put food on the tables of families in need. The program was started in 1990 for St. Charles County families and has expanded to include Lincoln, Warren, Montgomery and St. Louis County families as well. According to their website, the organization will help feed 3,000 families this Thanksgiving.

Six years ago, No Hunger Holiday started promoting the competition among area high schools to encourage young people to get involved in the effort. On November 16th almost 1,100 turkeys were collected by students at seven county high schools. For more information about No Hunger Holiday, visit their website or search and like them on Facebook.

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