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Aero Charter family to yours, we wish you a very happy and safe Holiday Season!

Conference Room in the Sky

Known for its generous cabin size, the Hawker 700A is one of the most popular mid-sized jets. It enhances productivity with room for passengers to conduct business while in the air. The Hawker is perfectly suited for groups up to eight requiring trips at distances up to either coast, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.

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Hawker 700A 

Chicago ATC Fire Prompts FAA Response

In a recent incident, flights throughout the US were thrown off schedule or canceled due to a fire at the Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center. Although the flying public was not in danger during this prolonged outage, flights throughout the country were cancelled or severely delayed by the event. The lack of redundancy in the air traffic control system was determined to be the cause of the lengthy delay in getting the system back to normal quickly. The NextGen system would provide the flexibility lacking in the current system, according to the FAA. The FAA will revise its contingency strategy and policies to support system recovery in hours, not days. And if more improvements are made, we will continue to keep you updated.

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Ted Clark, Aero's Director of Avionics, would be happy to answer any questions you have about the NextGen Mandate. You can contact Ted by calling (636) 449-5163 or by email at

Why Choose a Travel Agent?

Denise TrampierWith one-third of the travel industry's revenue coming from travel agents, it's obvious they are still a smart choice. There are many benefits of choosing a travel agent over booking everything by yourself online.

At Aero Travel, our travel agents spend countless hours doing research for each client. Since they constantly book trips, they know how to find the hottest deals. The relationships they hold across the tourism industry results in easier booking and VIP treatment, without the VIP price. The most priceless vacation moments can come from places or events unknown to the internet, so you might want to ask an Aero agent instead.

More reasons to choose an agent.

If you want to speak with a travel agent, contact us at, or (636) 449-5113. We can help you choose a vacation right for you!
Employee Spotlight: Todd Bauer

Who: Todd Bauer, Director of Maintenance, an Aero employee since 1998. 

What: “I help our clients feel at ease when they need maintenance work done to their aircraft. Because we provide the best value on quality parts, our customers keep coming back because they know that their expectations will be exceeded.”

Why: “Clients like to work with us because we are up front with them about their aircraft repairs and what the repairs cost. We diagnose the cause of a problem quickly, and we fix it efficiently and effectively.”

Something that most people don't know: “I am an avid-outdoorsman. I enjoy activities such as hunting, boating, and golfing.” 


Another Happy Client...

"Aero Avionics maintains everything in avionics that I have. All the technicians do a great job. When my 430 WAAS was installed, they had everything laid out neatly and identified. I would absolutely be happy to recommend Aero Avionics to anyone. It's the best avionics and maintenance service I've ever had. Good work is worth paying for." (Peter) 

Charter: Not a Luxury, Just Smart Business

Aero Charter has been providing aircraft services for over 40 years. With a diverse fleet, a commitment to safety, a suite of great services, and a diverse fleet, Aero is the one to call for your charter needs. 
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The Only Full-Service FBO in St. Louis

If you need fuel, hangar, rental cars, limos, catering, hotels or crew cars you have come to the right place. If you are in need of maintenance or avionics, as a certified FAA Repair Station, we have you covered. If you need a charter flight, we have 14 aircraft ready at your disposal. Whether you are thinking about a vacation or commercial business travel, our in-house travel agency can recommend and book your itinerary including your hotels, restaurant reservations, rental cars and limos.

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Fuel Price Guarantee

We are willing to beat any FBO's current retail price on fuel if you can find it lower at KSUS.

We proudly sell

Avionics for a
Changing Market

Today we have a constantly changing market where new technology is there to help the pilot greatly increase his situational awareness and help avoid hazards. Aero Charter's avionics department is here to guide you towards making the right selections for your aircraft. 
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We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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