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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

In this special edition from METC, we are saying THANK YOU for helping us grow! Over the past several years, the METC Advisory has been able to focus on not just our conference, but also our membership, partnerships, professional development, and student success...and we owe that to you!

Through our relationships with educators, vendors, and corporations, our METC conference attendance has grown to steadily offer over 2,000 educators three days of high quality professional development. Our long-term academies have grown to include more topics and participants, especially the LMS Academy. The regional focus on supporting our districts professional development through edcamps, customized professional learning, and virtual PD continues be sought after.

METC has shown a significant increase of student participation at our conference, sharing their skills in IT, web design, journalism, and social networking. Through our new summit on digital citizenship, students have been empowered to make personal modifications to their actions that impact school-wide change. This was driven and supported by you.

Connecting innovative educators has been rewarding for METC and we want to continue to honor the importance of your learning together. We are offering some free and discounted workshops this summer so you can continue to build your capacity. I hope you can take advantage of the offerings below. We can't say thank you enough.

Happy Learning & Connecting,

Stephanie Madlinger
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Director of Educational Innovation / METC
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METC Teacher Appreciation Week 

Because we value your membership and support of our Midwest Education Technology Community, and as a thank you during Teacher Appreciation Week, we are offering substantial savings on selected workshops and classes through the month of May. The earlier you register, the larger the discount!

Check out the savings on the following workshops:

50% discount using METC50 as a promo code, through May 9

 Google Mania: Mini Boot Camp  June 6-7
 Flipping Your Classroom & PD  June 9
 Using Mobile Devices in the Classroom   June 13-14
 Adventures in STEM: Learn to Code  June 15
 Digital Citizenship: It's Common Sense  June 20-21
 Google Extensions, Add-Ons & More  June 22
 Google Mania: Mini Boot Camp  July 6-7
 METC Maker Summer Institute: Empowering Creative Minds   July 11-12
 Cool Tools and Free Resources for Teachers  July 20-21

25% discount using METCpd as a promo code, throughout the month of May

Thank YOU for your continued support of our METC program!
Enjoy connecting to innovated learners and grow your PLN this summer.

LEGO & Discovery Education Workshops:
FREE if you register by May 9

Use promo code METCfree when you register before May 9 to enjoy free LEGO or free Discovery Education workshops on us!

LEGO Series: MoreTo Math & Simple Machines for Grades 1-4  June 1
LEGO Series: WeDO 2.0 for Grades 1-5  June 2
METC & Discovery Education: Day of Discovery  June 23
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