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Trek and Travel ChaperonesLast year, nearly 90 chaperones made it possible for more than 700 students to take learning from the classroom to the trails through one of several trips offered through Parkway-Rockwood Community Ed's Trek & Travel program. Through the support, knowledge (and a good sense of humor at times) from the chaperones, students made memories that will last a lifetime.

With a new school year comes new opportunities (including a brand new trip to the beach) for teachers to join our chaperone team, are you ready?

Reasons to Chaperone  

  • FUN - Trips are great opportunities to get out of the classroom and into a new environment
  • LEARN - Each trip is designed to maximize hands-on learning. You'll tap into skills you didn't know you had and learn new ones.
  • EXPERIENCE - Travel to beautiful new locations including state and national parks!
  • COMMUNITY - Live, work, and play with other teachers and students who are passionate about outdoor education. 
  • MONEY - All chaperones receive a trip stipend (varies by trip). Plus, travel, meals and overnight accommodations are provided. 

Chaperone responsibilities
Assist with overall teaching and supervision of students in conjunction with fellow chaperones. Physical requirements vary by trip (see below) but include hiking, paddling, riding zip lines and more. You will also be asked to include your knowledge when opportunities present themselves. All trips use charter buses so you must be able to ride on a charter bus for extended periods of time. 

Are you up for it?
If interested email Kevin at by September 10 with this information: full name, grade and subject you teach, contact email and phone number(s), trips you are interested in, T-shirt size and a brief summary of qualifications and experiences to be a chaperone.
 If you have questions you can email Kevin or call him at 314-299-3833.

What's Next
The criteria for selecting and placing chaperones on trips can vary. We strive to create a team with a variety of experience working with students in an outdoor setting. ANY teacher or staff who can contribute to a team effort, has the ability to be flexible, creative, and share enthusiasm for learning with students will be considered. Space and budget allow for a set number of chaperones per trip. Placement of chaperones for all trips will be determined by October 20.

Ozark Rocks | 4th grader & parent | Oct. 7-8 or Oct. 21-22, 2017
Explore unique features that make the Ozark Mountain region a national treasure in the Acadia Valley just Southwest of Farmington, Missouri. Participants will travel to Johnson’s Shut-ins, Elephant Rocks and Millstream Gardens. During this two day/one night trip, chaperones will be responsible for leading hikes, sharing knowledge and simple lesson plans. In addition they will help with meals and logistics.
Chaperone stipend: $100
Learn more about Ozark Rocks.
Smoky Mountains Adventure | Rockwood 5th graders | Spring 2018
Smoky Mountain ChaperoneA four-day, adventure-packed science based trip to the Tremont Institute at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Chaperones should be prepared to participate in activities in any weather condition and be capable of hiking up to five miles a day in moderately hilly terrain. Please note this trip involves two days out of the classroom.  You must receive approval from your supervisor to attend.
Chaperone stipend: $200
Learn more about the Smoky Mountains Adventure
Trip 1: March 2-5 (Babler, Ballwin, Chesterfield)
Trip 2: March 23-26 (Bowles, Kellison, Stanton, Uthoff Valley)
Trip 3: April 13-16 (Blevins, Eureka, Geggie)
Trip 4: April 20-23 (Ellisville, Kehrs Mill, Westridge)
Trip 5: May 4-7 (Ridge Meadows, Wild Horse, Woerther)
Trip 6: May 18-21 (Fairway, Green Pines, Pond)
All trips depart Thursday evening and return Monday evening.
Great Lakes Voyage | Grades 5-7 | July 22-28, 2017
Travel to the Wolf Ridge Environmental Education Center on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota for a week-long outdoor adventure that includes activities such as canoeing, hiking and rock climbing as well as learning about the history of the Voyageurs in the North Woods. Chaperones should be prepared to participate in activities in any weather condition. Hiking and paddling experience preferred.
Chaperone stipend: $300
Learn more about the Great Lakes Voyage.
Atlantic Coastal Quest | Grades 8-9 | June 24-30, 2018
Travel to the Chincoteague Bay Field Station on the Virginia Peninsula for a week. Chaperones should be prepared to help teach Marine Science. We will: explore a maritime forest ecosystem, kayak in the Atlantic Ocean, go orienteering, collect specimens aboard a research cruise, and enjoy a day at the beach and more. Other Trek program participation swimming and paddling experience preferred.
Chaperone stipend: $300
Learn more about the Atlantic Coastal Quest.
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