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Issue One August 2015 
Meet the Team

Steve Lawrence
President/ Operations Manager/Senior Estimator/ Project Manager
Steve has been COO since May of 2009. For over 30 years, he has been in and around excavating working hand-in-hand with his well-respected father, Dale. At Lawrence Excavating, Steve started off in the field working and operating on equipment, then moved into management performing tasks such as estimating as well as project management. He now administers all facets of Interstate Trenching and Excavating. 

Dale Lawrence 
Owner/ Estimator/Project Manager
You would be hard pressed to find anyone the caliber of Dale Lawrence. Between his integrity and having been in construction since 1959, Dale is a pillar in the industry. He is able to harness all of his practical knowledge and embrace innovation to present the best solutions possible to Interstate clients. Few, if any, can match his understanding in regards to excavation projects.

Proud to be a member of: 


        Value of Ownership Engagement



      There can be quite an advantage working with a smaller subcontractor. Especially in the world of excavating. Often you end up working directly with ownership. This can lead to quick decision making and full company engagement. Excavation requires an experienced hand that can recognize potential issues ahead of project initiation.  Being able to solve the unforeseen problems on the fly is also critical. When working with some larger subcontractors, you can run into a response problem due to a multi layered approval process.
       Smaller subcontractors are closely connected to their staff and field personnel. Ownership often attends project meetings and walk thrus. It's difficult for information to fall through the cracks simply because there are less cracks! The exchange of information becomes more direct. This can be beneficial when there is a change in the scope of work on a project.
        Smaller excavating contractors can be more financially competitive in some cases but in actuality the intimacy of level of service is the real benefit. Just inviting a small contractor to bid to get a lower number can be risky. Even they need to run their businesses in a fashion assuring success and longevity. There's nothing worse than a contractor failing mid-project. Looking for the length of experience of the principals of the company is usually a strong indicator of their ability to perform. Something Interstate is proud of!

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