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Volume Five | November 2016

The Table
Time to tell a story; a story about a table.

Better yet, allow us to turn a phrase and call it a story about a “table in waiting.”

Let’s say that due to forces beyond your control, while you need and want a CMP Group-made countertop, you find, that for now anyway, you must settle for something smaller. And that something just popped into your head, an alternative that’s just as classy!

You have a picture in your mind of a small kitchen table; but you’re thinking—can something like this be done? (The answer is yes.)

And it begins with a show ‘n tell of how. For purposes of focus in our story, the table you see here is what you had in mind--a recycled glass product that would be perfect as part of your kitchen. Almost square at 36 by 32 inches and 3/4ths of an inch thick, what you see is not only as beautiful as it is useful, it’s strong enough to withstand a direct hit, and isn’t expensive.

So you go ahead with your idea, and utilizing a “make your own” concept, you contact the experts at CMP Group to produce a dual-use piece that’s versatile, easy to clean, and reflects colors you chose yourself. At least for the interim, you’ve softened the look of the dark countertop you inherited, and have a new product that will serve you well. And what the heck, you can always add that countertop a little later (using the same pattern you’ve chosen if you wish.)
Also, the base you employ can be constructed of wood (as it is here) or metal.

The table you’ve created is made primarily of engineered composites—which in this case is recycled glass and bio-based resins. Whether CMP creates a table top for you (like our example) or a bigger and longer kitchen countertop, both are environmentally friendly, and make possible a work surface that is as durable as it is gorgeous. As part of its construction, a special process is employed that ensures your recycled glass product will resist stains, heat, burns, chemicals, water and bacteria with Superman-like deflection.

If our story has put a suggestion in your mind, good: Now all you have to do is to turn it in to something real, just like our star of the day, The Table. The idea for this one came about the same way; CMP Group did the rest.

With our tale concluded, our table is no longer a “table in waiting.” 
In the September issue of Going Green we asked our readers to note a location change on their calendars regarding the upcoming Jefferson City Home Builders Association (HBA) Home Show. We’re taking this opportunity to remind you again, and will once more before the event takes place early next year.

This popular show will be held on Friday, February 24, 2017, from 11AM-8PM and on Saturday the 25th, from 9AM to 6PM. However, this year, the two-day event will be held at Jefferson City’s Capital Mall.



I love the new technology. New things in your life make the challenges that come your way easier to take.
This Bears Repeating
This newsletter has reached another milestone. Next month will mark the beginning of its SIXTH year. Many thanks to our growing list of subscribers and readers.
I’ve always loved blue and white. The home we recently purchased came with a perfectly serviceable kitchen countertop that still had years of life—but its color was a solid black. So armed with an idea, I asked the people at CMP Group if they could make something new for our kitchen in my favorite colors—a small table made of recycled blue and white glass. They said they could, and did. We just love it!


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