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December 2016
Happy Holidays!
Editor's Letter

As the year’s end is in the homestretch, we deserve to pause, take a deep breath, and be thankful for what we have. We reflect on this past year and look ahead for what’s to come. Change is all around us in more ways than one, including a new administration that likely means change affecting affordable housing.

Zeffert & Associates is an expert at change management. This is what we do. Our Associates manage the change to make it easier for you. This is possible because we hire and retain the best so we can be the best for you. Here is how:

  • Our Trainers are best in class so they can guide you and your staff to stay on top of the changing industry.
  • Our Compliance Specialists review your tenants’ file fast and accurately so you can move them in.
  • Our Utility Allowance Report Writers source up-to-date data and perform the calculations associated with your consumption and baselines so you don’t have to.
  • Our Inspectors are second to absolutely no one with Capital Needs Assessments and 504 Transition Plans, including providing you with both supremely accurate reports and recommendations for getting it right.

Partnerships is what we believe in because we expect to deliver only the best services. This is why we continue to grow, too! Our Associates reside both at our home office in St. Louis as well as all over the country. Do you know an expert that matches the qualities of our Trainers or Compliance Specialists?  Send them our way because we are currently looking for the best talent in these departments!

To wrap up this year’s newsletter I want to personally thank you for your partnership and trust in us to help you manage this ever changing industry. We are here for you and we do it better than anyone else and this is the commitment we pledge.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a prosperous New Year,

Jeffrey Promnitz 
Chief Executive Officer

Focus on Residents
by Stephanie Pitts, Trainer
“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” – Henry Ford

As multi-family housing professionals it is vital that we remember that our residents are what generate our profit and our jobs. It is easy to lose focus and redirect it on other things such as the physical asset, the daily frustrations, staying in compliance with different programs, and dealing with staff; however, we should stop and take time to be thankful for our residents.

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Fair Housing Design and Accessibility
Article 22
by Randy McCall, Senior Training

Overview: Seven basic requirements of Fair Housing accessibility

Accessible Entrances & Property Routes
Site Impracticality – Site Analysis Tests
Fair Housing Act Design Manual Chapter 1 Page 1.51 -1.5

According to the Fair Housing Design Manual, there are two tests for determining site impracticality. The two tests are the 1.) Individual Building Test and the 2.) Site Analysis Test. In the last issue we focused on when the Individual Building Tests is applicable. In this issue we will focus on the Site Analysis Test and how to apply it.

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Quizzle - Focus on Residents

1. What is the best way to answer the phone at a property (Magnificent Mansion)?
a. “Hi, what’s up?”
b. “This is (insert your name).”
c. “Magnificent Mansion, how can I help you?”
d. “Thank you for calling Magnificent Mansion, this is
(insert your name), how may I help you?”

2. When does the professional relationship begin between prospects and management?
a. The day of move in
b. First interaction with prospect
c. During the move-in interview
d. At the first annual recertification

3. Which program does not have citizenship rules for the federal program regarding prospects/residents?
a. HUD Section 8
b. HOME Investment Partnership
c. Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)
d. Rural Development (RD)

4. Do you count an unborn child as a resident?  
a. No
b. Yes

5. Which of the following are not counted as a resident?
a. Live-in Aide
b. Military member that is deployed that left a child and/or spouse in the unit
c. Adult Dependent Student away at college, living in a dorm
d. Child who lives in the unit 50% of the time

HUD 4350.3 3-6 E 3 a/ 3-8 to 10 & Glossary

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Question from a Client
Question: I have a tricky question for you. On November 8, 2016 Arizona voters passed a new Proposition that would raise the minimum wage to $12 per hour by 2020. The first increase will be 01/01/2017 to $10 per hour.

My question is how have you seen this handled with other states in terms of qualifying or recertifying a resident. Should we just be assuming the new increase will be in effect and have them calculate annual income based off of the new minimum wage? Should we get clarification from employers on how they will be handling this and calculate based off of what the employer states?

Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Getting to Know Us!
Philip Oehlerking                                                                           
Inspection Services

Report Writer

Philip joined Zeffert & Associates in January 2016.  Prior to joining the company, he earned his BA in Political Science at UMSL. In his role, he writes the estimates and transition plans for handicap accessibility surveys. Philip also prepares the Capital Needs Assessment Reports by generating estimates, creating descriptions, reviewing photos, and reviewing the recommendations sent in from the field by our field inspectors. In his free time, Philip enjoys volunteering with local political organizations, reading about history and the presidents, and spending time with his wife, Sarah, and their two cats, Thor and Daphne.
Zeffert's Training Calendar
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1.5 hour Webinars and Full Day Trainings

December 6  LIHTC/Qualifying Households  Birmingham, AL  
December 8 LIHTC/Qualifying Households  Atlanta,GA 
December 13   LIHTC/Qualifying Households  Oklahoma City, OK 
December 13-15 Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam    SOLD OUT! St Louis,MO 
January 4 HUD Basics Part 1  Webinar 
January 5  HUD Basics Part 2  Webinar 
January 10
LIHTC/Qualifying Households Columbus,OH 
January 10  Managing LIHTC Compliance Workshop
St Louis,MO 
January 11  Managing LIHTC with Other Programs  St Louis,MO 
January 12  LIHTC/Qualifying Households  Pittsburgh,PA 
January 12  Managing BOND Compliance  Webinar 
January 17  LIHTC/Qualifying Households  Shreveport,LA 
January 18-20  Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam Savannah,GA 
January 18-20  Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam  Seattle,WA 
January 19  LIHTC/Qualifying Households  Jackson,MS 
January 24-25 Managing Rural Development Compliance  St Louis,MO 
January 26  Preparing for a MOR (Management & Occupancy Review)  Webinar 
January 31  Acquisition/Rehab Part 1  Webinar 
February 1  Acquisition/Rehab Part 2  Webinar 
February 2  Fair Housing: Issues for Maintenance Professionals  Webinar 
February 7  Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century  Orlando,FL 
February 8  Managing LIHTC Compliance Workshop  Orlando,FL 
February 22-24 Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam  Kansas City, MO 
February 28  HOME Funds Basics Part 1  Webinar 
March 1  HOME Funds Basics Part 2  Webinar 
March 7-9  Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam  St Louis,MO 
March 21-23  Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam  Dallas,TX 
*** For any questions or concerns, please contact Susan Barnett...
     314-336-4853 direct.

From the Utility Allowance Department…
We thank you for your continued business and remind existing clients that the 2017 Utility Allowance Report rescheduling has been open since October 17th. Scheduling promptly helps ensure a timely report back to you. If you’re not a current client, but would like to take advantage of our inexpensive utility allowance services or to learn more then email or call 314-336-4847.

Zeffert & Associates is the largest provider of utility allowance calculations in the country with services including a range of utility consumption reports for RD, HUD, HOME, and Tax Credit properties as well as conducting baseline analyses that are in compliance with the RAD program. Our efficiencies and comprehensive management of nationwide utility data allow us to develop your UA reports at a lower cost than others and cheaper than management companies can do on their own.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us at or 800-820-4079.

Ali Naeini
Manager, Utility Allowance Department
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  • Capital Needs Assessments
  • Accessibility Assessments
  • Transition Plans
  • Utility Allowance Calculations

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