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March 2017

Editor's Letter

It’s been said that luck is when your preparation meets an opportunity. This past month we’ve worked with several clients on immediate needs to have large numbers of tenant files reviewed. In one case, I was told we were referred by another client, another caller said the volume was now too great for their in-house staff, and in the last case we were not the first company to be approached, but the others simply couldn’t handle the volume.

Now, on one hand I was a little disappointed to have not been the first company approached, but the truth of the matter is that there is a tremendous feeling in earning the business of a new client, and in this case, we earned all three. How could we meet their needs when those before us couldn’t? The answer is simple and exactly why our reputation precedes us: We continually prepare ourselves for such opportunities (remember what’s been said about luck?).

We know that superior service starts with being prepared to earn your business and continues through our entire partnership. Please, read the Quizzle and the Client Question in this newsletter and then share your stories and questions with us. Because, after all, listening to you is exactly how we prepare ourselves before you even need us!
Jeffrey Promnitz 
Chief Executive Officer

Fair Housing Design and Accessibility
Article 25
by Randy McCall, Senior Trainer

Accessible Entrances & Property Routes
Sites with Unusual Characteristics
Fair Housing Act Design Manual Chapter 1 Page 1.56 -1.58

When local or state building codes requires raising of the lowest floor of a building to a specific level, this may result in the building being exempt from the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Act. According to the Fair Housing design manual, there are two standards that must be met in order to meet the exemption:

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Tip of the Month
Learn to interview applicants more effectively

HUD tells us that "having staff who excel at interviewing doesn't happen by accident. Training staff on interviewing techniques is as important as training in regulatory requirements." In keeping with these sentiments, a few years ago HUD published a 38-page guide that is full of helpful direction and hints related to the interviewing process.

Click HERE for the HUD Interview Guide
Focus on HUD, LIHTC, Bond and HOME Funds

Question 1
Jon and Shawn are two men that were married in a state that has legalized same-sex marriage. Since then they have moved to a state that does not recognize gay marriage. Both Jon and Shawn are full-time students. They do not qualify as "entitled to file a joint tax return" under the LIHTC/tax exempt bond student rules because they no longer reside in a state where same-sex marriage is recognized.

True or False

Question 2
A couple lives in an affordable unit covered by the HUD handbook 4350.3. They live with their adopted daughter and two foster sons. When counting the number of persons for income limit purposes, how many members are in this household?

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5

Question 3
If 3rd party verification of employment cannot be gathered for a resident of a HOME unit, a manager must collect a minimum of ________.

a. 2 paystubs
b. 3 paystubs
c. 2 months of paystubs
d. 3 months of paystubs
e. none of the above

Question 4
A resident lives in an affordable unit covered by the HUD handbook 4350.3. They have an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) with a cash value of over $400,000 and a 1% interest rate. The resident is withdrawing $100 a month from the IRA. Which are the appropriate actions for the manager of the property to take when counting household income?

a. Count $1,200 a year as periodic income from the IRA and ignore the IRA as an asset.
b. Count $1,200 a year as periodic income from the IRA and also count the IRA as an asset with 1% interest income.
c. Ignore the monthly withdrawals because the interest income from the IRA is higher than the withdrawals. Count the asset and the interest as income on the asset.
d. Count the periodic withdrawals as income and the 2% imputed income on the IRA as income from assets, since the impute rate is higher than the actual 1% rate.
e. None of the above

Question 5
Delayed Veteran's Benefits are excluded for which types of affordable housing residents:

b. HUD Section 8
c. RD
e. All of the above

Click HERE for the Questions and Answers
Question from a Client
From: Class Attendee, New Jersey
Question: "Can we change the minimum set-aside from 20-50 to 40-60?"
Click HERE for the answer           
Getting To Know Us
Gary Kirkman, Trainer

Gary joined Zeffert & Associates in February, 2017. Prior to Zeffert & Associates, Gary served as an award winning Community Manager for a tax credit property and overseeing the property which won compliance's Property of the Year in 2016.

Utilizing his Communications degree from Salem College, Gary enjoys training and public speaking. Gary encompasses knowledge in training and managing both conventional and affordable housing during the last 11 years. His experience includes overseeing Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Rural Development, various HUD programs and in conventional housing.

When Gary is not working he enjoys spending time with his family, getting more into fitness, choreographing for clogging workshops in which he instructs across the United States, doing charity work and overseeing his "No Bullying Around" initiative.
Zeffert's Training Calendar
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Managing LIHTC Compliance Workshop
Sponsored by ADOH

Phoenix, AZ

Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam
Sponsored by Atlanta Apt. Association
Atlanta, GA

Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam Dallas,TX 

Managing HOME Funds Compliance Sponsored by IHCDA Fort Wayne, IN
April 4 Managing LIHTC with Other Programs - Part 1
April 5 Managing LIHTC with Other Programs - Part 2
April 6  Fair Housing: Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications
April 18 Avoiding Top Errors Sponsored by SLAA St Louis, MO

Rural Development Training Sponsored by Idaho AHMA Boise, ID


Managing HOME Compliance Sponsored by OR AHMA Salem, OR
May 9
Preparing for a Management & Occupancy Review

Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam Wichita, KS
May 10  Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century
Sponsored by SLAA
St Louis, MO 
May 11  Managing Rural Development Basics - Part 1 Sponsored by WA AHMA

Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam
Buena Park, CA

Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam St Louis, MO
Managing LIHTC Compliance Workshop
Sponsored by NJHMFA - Coming Soon!

New Jersey
June 6  Understanding Student Rules
Sponsored by RRHA of IL
East Peoria, IL
June 6
Fair Housing: Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications Sponsored by RRHA of IL East Peoria, IL
Please contact Susan Barnett with any questions at 314-336-4853
Utility Allowance
Utility Allowance Calculations

The Zeffert & Associates’ Utility Allowance department provides more than 5,000 reports annually for management companies and Housing Authorities. These reports are appropriate for RD, HUD, HOME, and Tax Credit properties. We also provide Baseline analyses that are in compliance with the RAD program.

Our long-term experience, knowledgeable staff, and day to day customer service improvements have accelerated to supply accurate and affordable services.

Now, we are scheduling for 2017 UA calculation reports. If you would like to take advantage of our utility allowance services, have a quote for your properties’ reports or learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 800-820-4079.

Ali Naeini
Manager, Utility Allowance Department

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Leaked Internal HUD Budget Documents Proposes $6 Billion Cut

GOA Releases Report on the Role of Syndicators

Senate Confirms Carson as HUD Secretary

TRUMP Administration Sends FY Fiscal 2018 Budget Framework to Agencies

HUD Accepts Entries for 3rd Annual Secretary's Award for Healthy Homes

Senate Confirms Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary

NCSHA Urges and Treasury and IRS Not to Set Federal........

Cantwell to Introduce Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017

HOME Monthly Reports Now Posted
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