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Monthly News & Updates - August 2016

Editor's Letter
It is August and that means school is back in session!  As students return to class, how do you determine if they qualify as a dependent? Simply being full time in school is not enough.  Additionally, how and when do you consider financial assistance or scholarships that the student may be receiving?  These and related questions are addressed in this month’s newsletter that I believe you’ll find very relevant.  Don’t forget, our trainers are regarded as some of the affordable housing industry’s best and most knowledgeable so be sure to check out our training calendar for you and your staff.  

Jeffrey Promnitz
Senior Director of Operations

Adult Student Dependent
by Breana Thomas, Senior Training Specialist   

The adult student dependent rules for a household have several specific guidelines attached to them.  Today we are going to discuss these guidelines in detail.  Let’s start with the HUD definition of dependent.  In the HUD Handbook 4350.3 REV-1 CHG 4 (4350.3) ** it states:

“A dependent is a family member who is under 18 years of age, is disabled, or is a full-time student.  The head of the family, spouse, co-head, foster child, or live-in aide are never dependents.”  (5-6.A.3/5-8)

This tells us that in order to qualify as an adult student dependent, all of the following must be true:

1. Cannot be the head, co-head or spouse of the head of household;

2. Must be above the age of 18;

3. Must be attending an institute of higher learning;

4. Must be a FULL-TIME student.

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Fair Housing Design and Accessibility
Article 19

by Randy McCall, Senior Training Specialist

Overview: Seven basic requirements of fair housing accessibility  

  1. Accessible entrances & property routes
  2. Accessible and usable public and common use areas
  3. Usable doors
  4. Accessible unit routes                                                
  5. Accessible controls
  6. Grab-bar reinforcements
  7. Usable kitchens and bathrooms
Accessible Entrances & Property Routes 

Site Impracticality

Fair Housing Act Design Manual Chapter 1 Page 1.38 -1.42

The authors of the Fair Housing Act understood that there would be times when it is impractical to apply the Fair Housing design requirements because “natural terrain may pose unique building problems.”  Site impracticality is stated in the regulations and the guidelines provides tests to determine whether it is impractical to provide accessibility requirements because of specific site conditions.

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Quizzle - Student Status


1. An applicant applies for a unit in a mixed/layered property with HUD Section 8, LIHTC, and HOME Funds.  Which student rules must be followed?

a.  HUD Section 8 Student Rules

b.  LIHTC Student Rules

c.  Both A and B; HOME Funds do not have student rules

d. Both A and B; HOME Funds follows the Section 8 student rules

2. On an LIHTC property, you have a student of an institute of higher learning that is receiving Section 8 assistance.  What are the two exceptions that will allow their Student Financial Assistance to be excluded?

a.  The student is a veteran and is the only member of the household

b.  The student is over 23 and has a dependent child or is an adult dependent of the household

c.  The student only goes to college part time or is independent of their parents

d. The student uses their personal money to pay for tuition and their student financial assistance to pay for non-tuition items

       3. How often must student status be verified for the
       LIHTC program?
       a.  At application only—once qualified, always qualified

         b.  At move-in and first annual recertification
          c.  Only if a household member states they are a student
         dAt move-in and reexamined annually

         4. When calculating Student Financial Assistance for HUD Section 8, 
        all of the following are counted as income except: 
         a.  Pell Grants
        b.  Assistance from private sources
Student Loans
        d.  Scholarships

        5. LIHTC Student Rules apply to which of the following
        types of students:
        a.  Persons attending an institute of higher learning
        b. Technical, trade and mechanical schools
        c.  Elementary, junior and senior high schools
        d.  All of the above
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Questions from Client

Rebecca from South Carolina

Questions: For compliance, can you tell me if a tax credit property with Housing Trust Funding is considered to be bound to Section 504?

Additonally, for a tax credit property that accepts Section 8 Tenant Vouchers? Are we bound to Section 504 because of accepting the Section 8 vouchers?

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Zeffert's Training Calendar

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MOR (Management Occupancy Reviews) Webinar 
                 1 1/2 hour Webinars and Full Day Training
Topic Location
September 8 RHTC with Multi-Layer Fundings -
Sponsored  by IHCDA
Indianapolis, IN
September 14-16
LIHTC with HCCP exam Houston, TX
September 16 Managing LIHTC with other Programs
Sponsored by OR AHMA
Salem, OR
September 20
LIHTC/Qualifying Households Flint, MI
September 27
MOR (Management Occupancy Review) -Preparing for MOR Webinar
September 28
A Tour of the IRS form, 8609
October 4-6 LIHTC with HCCP exam
Sponsored by Columbia Housing Authority
Columbia, MO
October 11 LIHTC/Qualifying Households Springfield, MO
October 13 LIHTC/Qualifying Households Wichita, KS
October 18 LIHTC/Qualifying Households
Little Rock, AR
October 20 LIHTC/Qualifying Households
Shreveport, LA
October 25  Farm Labor 
Sponsored by OR AHMA
Boardman, OR
October 25  Practical Fair Housing in the 21st Century
Sponsored by OR AHMA
Boardman, OR
October 27-28 Managing RD Compliance 
Sponsored by OR AHMA

Salem, OR 
November 1  MOR (Management Occupancy Review) -
Preparing for MOR
November 8 HOME Funds Compliance Workshop
Sponsored by ADOH
Phoenix, AZ
November 10-11  HOME Rental Compliance
Sponsored by IHCDA
Fort Wayne, IN
November 17  MOR Training (Management Occupancy Review) Preparedness
Sponsored by OR AHMA
Salem, OR 
Dec. 13-15 LIHTC with HCCP exam  St. Louis, MO

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