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February 2017

Editor's Letter

Through the increasing changes and complexities of our industry, our Associates are the cornerstone of your success. Zeffert & Associates exists to serve and assist managers, developers, syndicators, and virtually everyone with an interest in the affordable housing industry by navigating change for you. Take for example our Utility Allowance department where the Associates update, manage, and store one of the largest databases of utility company rates nationwide and using this to process more than 5,000 utility allowance calculations for clients each year. Clients turn to us because our precision recovers countless hours for their properties from doing these calculations themselves. 

Thank you for trusting in our partnership. Whether it is by allowing us to serve you in this Utility Allowance department or any other, we enjoy working with you.

Jeffrey Promnitz
Chief Executive Officer

Fair Housing Design and Accessibility
Article 23
by Randy McCall, Senior Trainer

Fair Housing Design and Accessibility
Accessible Entrances & Property Routes
Site Impracticality – Site Analysis Tests
Fair Housing Act Design Manual Chapter 1 Page 1.56 -1.58

Sites with Unusual Characteristics

There are sites that are exempt from the accessibility requirements of the Fair Housing Act. These sites may have specific federal, state, or local laws or codes that may make it impractical to apply the fair housing design requirements. Two conditions must be met in order to meet this exemption:

• The difference in grade elevation exceeds 30 inches
• The slope between the building entrance and all vehicular and pedestrian arrival points within 50 feet of the entrance exceeds 10%. If the closest vehicular or pedestrian entrance is not within 50 feet and exceeds 10%, it will also meet this requirement for the exemption.

The site must meet both conditions in order to be exempt from the fair housing design requirements. The Fair Housing Design manual has provided an example of a site meeting the exemption.

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Focus on Religion 
Our country has been nicknamed “the melting pot” due to people immigrating tothe United States from all over the world. With the influx of people from every country, ethnicity and national origin, came a plethora of different religions that have continued to be practiced and thrive in America.

One of the greatest freedom’s that is spelled out in the Constitution of the United States is the freedom of religion. Religion is also one of the seven protected classes of the Fair Housing Act.

As a housing professional, it can be quite a task to go through each day at work and not use phrases or sayings that may normally be a part of your everyday language if you were somewhere else. We have to remember that a Fair Housing violation does not have to be intentional; it can be someone else’s perception of something we have said or done. Some suggestions on best practices to avoid Fair Housing violations based on religion (this is not an all-inclusive list):

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Quizzle - Focus on Residents

1. Marissa is giving directions to her property. Which of these examples could be considered a Fair Housing violation?

a. Turn right off of the highway and turn left on Elm, Gorgeous Glens is on the right.
b. Gorgeous Glens is located at 123 S Main. The cross streets are Main and Elm.
c. You can get to Gorgeous Glens by turning by the Glenview Community Center.
d. If you turn left at the church on Elm, Gorgeous Glens is across from the mosque on the left

2. Which is an appropriate greeting in December?

a. Merry Christmas
b. Happy Holidays
c. Happy Hanukkah
d. Happy Kwanzaa

3. The manager at Sunnyside Village has strong religious beliefs. Even though she watches what she says in regards to religion, she has large pictures of quotes that note the religious book in which they are published in. Could this be considered a Fair Housing violation?

a. No, because it is the manager’s office and not a common space.
b. No, because she is not speaking those quotes to others.
c. Yes, anyone who visits the Manager’s office could perceive that she prefers someone of the same religious beliefs.
d. No, because of freedom of religion.

4. The leasing agent at your property is struggling with same sex marriage due to her faith. She has refused to lease to a same sex couple. Could this be a Fair Housing violation for more than one protected class?

a. No
b. Yes

5. If an applicant requests their apartment face a specific direction in order to accommodate their religious belief, should the property grant this request?

a. Yes, the next available appropriately sized unit that faces the specific direction needed should be offered.
b. No
c. Only if the unit is the next vacant unit.
d. If the applicant pays an extra fee.

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Question from a Client
From: Class Attendee
St. Louis, MO

Question: I have an LIHTC property. Is there a list of types of income we should not count as income when processing applications?

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Zeffert's Training Calendar
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1.5 hour Webinars and Full Day Trainings

February 22-24 Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam  Kansas City, MO 
February 28  HOME Funds Basics Part 1  Webinar 
March 1  HOME Funds Basics Part 2  Webinar 
March 7-9  Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam  St Louis,MO 
March 14-15
Managing LIHTC Compliance Workshop
Sponsored by ADOH

Phoenix, AZ
March 14-16
Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam
Sponsored by Atlanta Apt. Association
March 21-23  Managing LIHTC Compliance with HCCP exam  Dallas,TX 
April 25 -26
Managing HOME Compliance
Sponsored by OR AHMA

Salem, OR 
*** For any questions or concerns, please contact Susan Barnett...
     314-336-4853 direct.

Capital Needs Assessments
Capital Needs Assessments

The Inspection Services Department has performed thousands of energy audits, accessibility surveys and CNAs since its inception. By focusing on quality service at an affordable cost, Zeffert & Associates is able to retain a loyal client base that is delighted with their service. Our experience and expertise ensure clients will receive quality reports that will help sustain their properties for the long term.
Our pricing is more than competitive and we are committed to the preservation and expansion of affordable housing in the United States.

When tax credits or other federal funding sources are utilized for acquisition and rehabilitation of an existing property, agencies, syndicators and banks frequently require that an independent assessor perform a Capital Needs Assessment (CNA). In addition, HUD and Rural Development require CNAs under a variety of circumstances including transfers, rehabs and requests for rent increases.

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For more information, contact
David Bell, Manager,, 314-336-4869
Philip Oehlerking, Report Writer,, 314-336-4839

Getting To Know Us
Meg Sheedy
Training Technician

Meg joined the Zeffert Team in May of 2016 as the Office Administrator and was recently promoted to the Training Department. Prior to Zeffert, Meg worked as a Leasing Consultant for multiple properties. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and playing with her dog Teddy and cat Kirby.

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