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August 11, 2017

Building on Success is Lake Washington School District's long-term plan to reduce overcrowding, accommodate growing enrollment, and continue to provide quality learning environments and experiences for our students. A $398 million-dollar bond, approved by voters in April 2016, funds eight school projects. Specific bond projects are based on recommendations from the Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force. This group also made suggestions that guide our district's approach to school design and construction.

To meet forecasted enrollment growth, the Task Force recommended a number of projects through 2030. The district, with support of a Bond and Levy Advisory Committee, developed a long-term bond funding plan that includes the 2016 bond measure in addition to measures in 2018, 2022 and 2026.

Updates on new schools:

Updates on schools that will be rebuilt and expanded:

Updates on new schools
New Elementary School - North Redmond

The site has been cleared and graded in preparation for the new 78,000-square foot, two-story elementary school in North Redmond. Underground utility work is underway.

As the school is being built, planning principal, Karen Barker, is busy behind the scenes preparing the school to be opened in the fall of 2018. Currently, Principal Barker is working on hiring highly skilled teachers who will work with her to develop every aspect of the new school.

It is Principal Barker’s goal to have a program that will balance a rigorous academic experience with a focus on fostering students’ servant leadership skills, including character development and social-emotional learning. Students will master the foundational skills they need for personal success as they move on to middle school. “Students of all ages will apply these skills through service projects within the local and global community,” said Principal Barker. "Partnering with our diverse families, we will create a safe and excellent school experience.” Principal Barker will also continue her duties as principal at Dickinson Elementary School and Explorer Community School for the 2017-18 school year.

In case you missed it... Groundbreaking held on May 24
Watch the groundbreaking video here:         


New Elementary School - Redmond Ridge East

Like the new elementary school in North Redmond, the site has been cleared and graded in preparation for the new 78,000-square foot, two-story elementary school. Underground utility work is underway. At this and other bond project sites, contractors are installing geothermal wells. Geothermal (aka "ground source") is a sustainable way to provide conditioned air for thermal comfort in a way that reduces operational utility costs and maintenance. Concrete foundations have been poured to form the "footprint" of the building. This step allows steel structure construction to begin. (This event was covered live on the LWSD Facebook page. Like us on Facebook for more exciting updates and live feeds.)

As the school is being built, planning principal, Kim Bilanko, is busy preparing for the opening of the school in 2018. “The New Elementary School in Redmond Ridge East will be an inclusive and nurturing environment that will develop students as global citizens through service-learning,” said Principal Bilanko. "Social emotional learning, integrated with content knowledge, will encourage creative and critical problem solvers. Students at Redmond Ridge East will develop their character; empathy, grit, self-control, integrity, optimism, and gratitude. They will learn to embrace diversity through enriching and integrated curriculum. Through service-learning projects and leadership opportunities, students will learn about themselves and how they can impact their school, their community and their world." Principal Bilanko will also continue her duties as principal of Rosa Parks Elementary for the 2017-18 school year.

Concrete is poured into the footings that will support the new school building. The concrete is pumped from a truck, through the boom, and into the footings. Photo credit: Multivista.


New Middle School - Redmond Ridge
This 134,000-square foot building will accommodate 900 students and open in fall 2019. Clearing of the site is complete, and grading is nearly complete. Utility installation for water, storm, and sewer will continue. Like the new elementary projects at North Redmond and Redmond Ridge East, this site also features geothermal wells. Digging of the wells began in early August. Concrete for building foundations was poured on August 9.           

In case you missed it... Groundbreaking held on June 4
Watch the groundbreaking video here:               

Updates on schools that will be rebuilt and expanded
Juanita High School
Kirkland's old Juanita High School building, which opened in 1971, will be rebuilt and expanded. This adds space for 300 students, for a total capacity of 1800 students. Work will be done in phases. An early start for this project allows the school to be completed in 2020. The west (administration) wing and some classrooms were demolished in July. A portable is set up for the main office. A total of 10 portables will be placed on the surface of the existing tennis courts to replace the demolished classrooms. Classes will continue to be held in the remaining portion of the academic building, library and cafeteria. Barriers and fences will be put in place to separate student and staff activity from construction work, and clear directional signage will be placed on site before school opens in September. Once school starts, there will be no construction activity until April 2018. A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) has been posted on the Juanita High School project website.

In case you missed it... Groundbreaking held on June 6
Watch the groundbreaking video here:

Peter Kirk Elementary School
Peter Kirk Elementary in Kirkland will be rebuilt and expanded to 78,000 square feet. Work on this site begins in Spring 2018 and the newly built school will open in September 2019. The process of designing schools includes involvement by a school-based input team and the broader community. The input team developed a school vision statement and
design goals to guide the architects in their work.

Image: Rendering of the New Peter Kirk Elementary. The design for Peter Kirk includes a two-story structure.

Margaret Mead Elementary School
Like Kirk Elementary, Margaret Mead Elementary School in Sammamish will be rebuilt and expanded to 78,000 square feet. Work on this site begins in Spring 2018 and the newly built school will open in September 2019. East Sammamish Park is immediately adjacent to the Mead site. The district is collaborating with the City of Sammamish on our approach to construction, to provide for minimal impact on the park, stream, wetlands and school.

The district has selected one contractor to build both Kirk and Mead. This approach results in cost savings. Having the contractor on board early in the design process also leads to more practical, buildable designs.

Image: Rendering of the new Margaret Mead Elementary. The Mead design features three stories for classrooms and a two-story portion that houses administration, support offices, commons, cafeteria, gym and library.

Explorer Community School
Explorer is a choice school, located on the Dickinson Elementary School campus in Redmond. It was housed in portables that were between 26 and 30 years old. The old portables were demolished in June, and four new green (i.e., sustainable) modular units are on site. They will be installed beginning August 8. The replacement classrooms have earned awards for technical innovation, sustainability, cost effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Old Redmond School House

Old Redmond School House, which opened in 1922, has been leased to the City of Redmond since 1997 and is used as a community center. The Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force recommended the district reacquire the school and make renovations so that it can be used for preschool classrooms. This frees up space in elementary schools for students in grades K-5. As part of the planning process, an educational specification for preschool center facilities is under development.

Staff are working with the City of Redmond to determine which spaces may continue to be used for community purposes.


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