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Monthly Reminder
May 2018
The final countdown
Whether you're a high school student, a high school senior, or a college student, chances are you're counting down the days to summer break. Finish your semester strong. Complete all homework and projects, and study, study, study for finals.
High school students
Did you know college graduates with a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $1 million more during their lifetime than high school graduates? Start planning for college now!

Take AP and dual credit courses to earn college credit while in high school. Consider taking a foreign language, and take a full four years of math to be better prepared for college level work.

The summer is a great time to earn real-world experience at a part-time job and put some money into savings. Create a budget and tell your money where to go!

Most colleges require students to take a college admissions exam such as the ACT or SAT. Your score on these tests is often paired with your high school grade point average to determine your eligibility for college admission and some scholarships.            
High school seniors
Just a few short weeks! Finalize your college plans now. Most colleges ask that you let them know of your intent to enroll by May 1. Celebrate Decision Day on or around May 1 with your classmates and share your decision on social media using #MODecisionDay and #IDecided. If you're still unsure or haven't really started the college process, you're not too late!   

Once you've decided on a college, you will need to do a number of things before the semester begins. You need to plan to register for classes and make arrangements for housing, transportation, and meals. Here are some things to consider as you make these arrangements. 

A lot of students go to college undecided of what their major will be. Students often change their major even if they entered college with one picked out. Consider career outlooks and future earning potential when exploring which career may be right for you.
College students
Make some money and gain valuable experience this summer by working or participating in an internship. Utilize the career services office on your campus to find jobs in your area. 

As you register for classes for next semester, map out your degree plan. Make sure you're taking at least 15 credit hours each semester to put you on track to graduate on time. Consider adding a summer class or an extra online course to put you that much closer to graduation. 

If you're a graduating senior and have taken out any federal student loans, you must complete exit counseling. Know who your loan servicer is and when you'll have to start making payments. There are serious consequences if you don't pay back your loans. Learn the facts! Contact your financial aid office with any questions.           

Important dates
May 1
Decision Day

May 3

SAT Registration

May 4
ACT Registration

May 5
SAT Test Date

June 2
SAT Test Date

June 15
ACT Registration

July 14
ACT Test Date

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High school seniors should finalize their college plans ASAP. Encourage your seniors to narrow their options, compare costs and other factors, and then celebrate their decision to enroll in college or enter the military.  

Have you ever heard of the summer melt? It's when students who intend to go to college at the end of their senior year, for one reason or another, melt away and never actually enroll. Encourage your senior to make decisions this summer that will put them closer to starting college this fall.

Help create a college-going culture in your home. Ask your high school students what their career goals are and help them research potential salaries and job outlooks. Help them identify what type of education will be needed to achieve those goals.

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