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Thoughts from Dr. Clark
God is Always on Time

I was talking with Gill Ford, one of our Bible teachers this past week, and as we discussed God’s faithful provision through our Legacy event and the PPP loan program, we also began talking about the challenges that remain ahead of us. In a very encouraging tone, he said, “You know, someone used to always tell me, 'God is rarely early, but He is never late.'” While Mr. Ford was seriously reminding me that we can trust God’s faithfulness, this is a statement we often toss out as a clever cliche’, but over the past couple of months, I’ve seen God’s provision arrive, over and over again, just in time.

In the second week of March, just before we received the stay home orders and closed our campus, I was told we had a large amount of tuition that had not come in for the month, and we were forced to hold off on paying our mortgage payment in order to cover our payroll on March 10th. I began to become worried about our next payroll payment. Our board and staff began praying, and God provided, just enough in tuition revenue to cover our March 25th payroll. At our March board meeting, we were in the first week of our shutdown, and we thought it would just be a couple of weeks. The board made the decision to keep all of our staff on the payroll through the projected return date of April 3rd.

Over the next two months, I saw God provide over and over again, in His perfect timing. He provided a sizeable donation from one of our regular donors, along with enough tuition revenue to cover the April 25th payroll. Then on April 12th, He provided a generous donor to offer a matching contribution of $75,000 for our Legacy event. This helped spark a spirit of generous giving across our school community. We started seeing some donations come in as soon as we announced the matching gift.

We applied for the federal PPP loan on April 5th, knowing that if we could receive this loan, it would help us cover an additional two months of payroll, but on April 16th we were notified our application had not cleared the review process for funding in the first round of funding for that program. We continued planning for the Legacy event, thanking God for the generous matching offer and praying. And God’s provision started to snowball!

On April 29th, it had become doubtful our PPP application would make it through the process to receive funding in the 2nd round. Our bank representative put us in touch with a smaller lending agency and recommended we try to work with them to get an application through. Miraculously, within two hours of my initial conversation with that lender, our application was submitted to the Small Business Administration and approved for funding!

Then came May 2nd. The date for our Legacy event had arrived. Our volunteer committee of parents and staff had worked feverishly over the past month to convert our normal dinner/auction into a virtual auction event. With the generous offer from our matching donor, we had great anticipation. On that Saturday morning, I was sitting at home on my patio with my wife, drinking coffee and looking at emails on my phone when I noticed an email from someone I knew well, but rarely received email from. He had seen our postings about the Legacy event on Facebook, and he informed me that he and his business partners had decided to offer an additional $25,000 matching donation for our Legacy event! I had a backyard praise service right then and there! Shortly thereafter, I had a conversation with Aaren Muex, who was one of the leaders on our Legacy committee, and she told me the donations were already approaching $75,000. I couldn’t believe this was happening. An event that had never raised $70,000, might possibly generate $200,000. How marvelous is our God! To date, our Legacy event total is over $230,000.00!

The revenue from the PPP and our Legacy event will carry us through the end of the 2019-2020 school year, allowing us to pay our staff, and our bills. God provided, right on time. We know there are challenges ahead for the 2020-2021 school year. There is so much uncertainty around the reopening of our entire society over the next couple of months that it would be easy to fall into fear and worry. But remember, God told us to trust in him and not to worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow may indeed look different than today, but God is faithful, and He will provide in His perfect timing. He might not come early, but He will never be late!
Teacher Appreciation Car Parade was a huge success!
Teachers and staff were deeply touched by everyone who participated in our NCCS drive-through parade on Thursday, May 14th. Estimates are that at least 70 carloads of NCCS families were able to participate. It was such a blessing to see smiling faces, or hands waving from those wearing masks, as the vehicles passed by.

The weather was threatening off and on all day, with heavy rain at times, but a cool breeze was blowing, and it was dry, as our teachers, wearing masks, spread out across the sidewalks, ready to greet their students and parents. Some students left cards, posters, and gifts for the teachers, and one car was throwing out treats!

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to the parade! This was a bright spot in a school year that was forced to end differently than any of us could have imagined. Some four legged friends even joined in on the fun!
Olivia Garvin wins blue ribbon at Queeny Park Science Fair
Sixth grader Olivia Garvin went the extra mile, and submitted her first place NCCS science fair project digitally to the science fair at Queeny Park, since the fair could not be held in person this year. And her hard work paid off! She received a blue ribbon certificate "for outstanding achievement in innovation & creativity" from the Academy of Science - St. Louis Science Fair. Her project, "The Taste of Color," answered the question, "Does the color of a drink affect its taste?" Congratulations, Olivia!
Legacy giving continues
We are receiving donations through the end of May, if you would still like to donate. You may donate online, in our Administration Office from 8 am to 4 pm, or send a check in the mail.


 May 18-21
Exams; complete missing assignments;
turn in all

May 20
K-11th grade
Drive-by student
checkout at NCCS,
in front of
(Return items; pick up items)
9 am - 2 pm

 May 20
End of online
instruction for
Busy Bees and

May 21
Last official day of school for grades K-11

May 21

5:30 pm at NCCS.
will ride across the sidewalk on bikes, scooters, etc.
to receive their
certificates! Masks should be worn, and helmets can be decorated.
Areas will be marked for parents, to keep the proper distance apart.

May 29
Ceremony for
NCCS Seniors
5:00 pm

 (St. Louis Mills Mall.
More details to
follow soon.)

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We are reviewing the guidelines provided by the state and county regarding opening our summer camps in a safe manner. We will provide that information as soon as possible. We know that our camps will not begin before June 1, 2020. If you have any interest in enrolling your child, and have not already registered or sent an email expressing your interest, please do so by Monday, May 18th. Email Patti Gleason at, or call 314-972-6227.

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