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Important Continuous Enrollment Information for
NCCS Parents
by Wayne Moss, Admissions Director

We trust that you and your family had a blessed Christmas and New Year, celebrating the birth of Jesus, and looking with anticipation for good things in this new year, 2020.

It is time for our normal Re-Enrollment period. However, all current students at NCCS are enrolled under our Continuous Enrollment Agreement established last year. This means that you do not have to complete a re-enrollment application, along with other forms, to be re-enrolled for next school year. Your child is already considered ENROLLED for the 2020-2021 school year.

You do need to do the following to confirm your enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year:
1. Review the attachments sent in your Teacherease email.
2. Pay the $75 Enrollment Confirmation Fee by February 28, 2020. The fee will increase to $150 after February 28.
3. Review your Teacherease family information online and make necessary corrections. A copy of your information is also available in the Administration Office.

If your child will not attend next year, you must fill out a Continuous Enrollment Withdrawal Form before February 28, which is available in the Administration Office. Please call the office with any questions.
The amazing story of Trula Blize, Graphics Design and English teacher at NCCS
By Victoria Bovey, NCCS senior

NCCS teacher Trula Blize has lived a very adventurous life and traveled to many places before ending up in St. Louis. Though the adventures may have led her to her marriage of nearly four decades and a long-standing career in education, she didn’t originally think that was how her life would transpire. “I was never planning on being a teacher, but a school in Connecticut asked me to be their sub one day and then I became their full-time teacher for the next nine years,” she said, which led to her teaching kindergarten about thirty years ago.

Blize was born in Montana, and worked at her family’s ranch as a teenager. She also worked at an agricultural irrigation company when she was young, and six years ago ended up teaching at NCCS in St. Louis, with her husband, Alan Blize. She grew up with her parents and two younger sisters. “I was very close to my sisters because we were so close in age, with three years between each sister” she said.

For her elementary years, she went to school in a small town in Montana called Lima. In high school, she went to a slightly bigger city, but still a small school, called Dillon. She met the love of her life, Alan Blize, in high school. Mrs. Blize joked that “When I met Alan Blize it was a pretty ‘dramatic’ experience.’’ Blize says it was “dramatic” because they met in drama class at her school. They have been married for 39 years. Alan Blize said the key to their long-lasting marriage is “to allow the other person to change.” They have been happily married for so long, and they have changed and matured for the better as they have grown up together.

Trula Blize has an amazing gift with photography and photoshop. Her proudest achievement was having one of her pieces published by LensWork Magazine. She looks up to John Paul Caponigro’s photography and digital designs.

When she and her husband retire, their dream is to sell everything and buy an RV and truck and travel around, like they did when they were younger. As Trula Blize looked at her past, an event she said that has changed her life was learning that “there are evil people in this world who will do anything it takes to take everything away from others.”
The amazing Anthony Holmes
By Tylain King, NCCS senior

The most interesting fact about Anthony Holmes is that he loves math and would like to become a dentist. Holmes is in 7th grade at NCCS, and is seen as a smart, fun and cool dude to be around.
He has been attending NCCS since preschool.

Holmes is looking forward to the new classes he will be taking when he goes into high school. His favorite food is spaghetti. His favorite hobbies are playing chess and listening to music, specifically jazz. “I like jazz because of the sound it makes,” Holmes said.

Holmes doesn't know what college he would like to attend, but he plans on becoming a dentist when he gets older.
The Queen Bee of Spelling
by Nate Schuckmann, NCCS senior

NCCS seventh grader Sandra John has been a stellar speller since a very young age. She has participated in numerous spelling bees (eight to be exact) and has won six of them. “I enjoy them a lot. I’ve been doing them since 4th grade,” she said. John studies for these bees in “30 minute intervals” and said that her parents help her. She will be competing in the district level spelling bee in January as one of the seventh grade representatives for NCCS.

She is thankful for her parents because they are strict, but still allow her to have fun. John was born in 2007, and her favorite subject in school is math because it makes sense to her and she’s naturally good at it.

Even though it is very far away, Sandra aspires to be a “surgeon, software engineer, or psychiatrist.”
She tries to make sure that her grades stay up and she doesn’t participate in detrimental activities.

John has been playing the piano since she was five years old, and enjoys it a lot. She also enjoys making slime and playing basketball--some of her strong suits.

John believes that she can improve in all aspects of life and wants to better herself by becoming a leader one day. She is very wise for her age and takes advice and criticism when necessary. “This interview made me feel really important.” she said and smiled.
Middle School/High School Track Coach Needed
We are working to hire a track coach for our middle school/high school track program. This individual should be in agreement with our Christian mission and vision, and should have experience competing in and/or coaching track and field. The season will begin the week of February 24th and will end on May 2nd with our state meet in Joplin.

If you are interested, or if you know of someone who is interested, please contact Dr. Clark at, or our Athletic Director, Matt Mooney, at

January 17
All games and
activities cancelled

January 20
Martin Luther King Day
No School or
Extended Care

January 21
Basketball Games

Girls 6:00
Varsity Boys 7:30

January 23
Basketball Game
Varsity Boys 5:30
John Burroughs

January 25
Basketball Game
Varsity Boys 1:15

January 27
Basketball Games
Girls 5:00
Varsity Boys 6:30

January 31
Basketball Games
JV Boys 4:30
Girls 6:00
Varsity Boys 7:30

5K  & Fun Run
March 14, 2020


April 18, 2020
Details coming

Immediate openings available for
Preschool through Secondary

Substitute Teachers

Call 314-972-6227
or email
Dr. Greg Clark at
to host
Art Festival

April 16-17
upcoming newsletter for information

February 6
7 pm
NCCS Library
This is for prospective students for our
school year.

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