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 Please read below for an important message from your doctors.

Last night we gathered for our traditional Sunday family dinner, although it was around our computer screens rather than a dining room table. Still we were able to talk about what each of us is grateful for in this difficult time.
Beginning today, St. Louis City and County governments have ordered a “Stay at Home” ordinance, which means you need to stay in your residence except for essential needs for living or if you are involved with an essential business. This means going to the grocery store once a week and to urgent medical appointments is okay, but things like shopping, hair appointments, etc., are not. (More details can be found here or to read the official ordinance please click here.)

With the evolution of this pandemic, our recommendations based on the CDC have evolved as well. We are now recommending that anyone with a flu-like illness and not critically ill should not be tested, and should remain at home quarantined, for a minimum of 10 days from the onset of symptoms and 3 days with no fever. This minimizes the risk of transmission to others and helps protect health care workers or others you may come into contact with during the testing process. Moreover, given the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment and collection swabs, it is critical that these be reserved for the sickest of patients who need hospitalization.

Those who have been directly exposed to a Covid-19 patient should remain quarantined for 14 days post exposure, and sometimes in a case-by-case basis be tested. If you have any questions about this, please let us know. We do not recommend testing someone who has come into contact with someone else who has come into contact with a Covid-19 positive patient, rather follow our soft quarantine measures outlined in our earlier email.

Many of us have already been following these procedures and though they have affected our daily routine, including many of the events that bring us joy, we hope you have been able to find a silver lining in this cloud. In our daily busy lives, we seldom have time or make time to relax, connect with loved ones or friends, read a good book or watch a good show on tv, or just be at home quietly. This is a great time to re-appreciate the outdoors with long meditative walks or listen to an interesting podcast. We have found connecting with others over the internet, through Facetime or Zoom, to be an enjoyable way to stay socially connected. Over the weekend, I connected on Zoom with several old college friends who I had not seen in several years—this provided a fulfilling and unexpected meeting that I would not have had otherwise. 

We understand this is a trying time for everyone, given the business climate in addition to the health measures. The uncertainty about the duration of this situation makes life even more difficult. We hope you will join us in appreciating all that is good in your life and the world, even in these turbulent times.

It is a privilege to be your doctor, and we are here at all times to help you in any way.

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