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 Please read below for an important message from your doctors.

Our office remains open for virtual visits and selected in-person visits, including drive-through testing for people with fever. We are here to answer all health-related questions and to support you in these trying times. We are dedicated to protecting your health, making our office safe but accessible, and educating you on the latest information about this pandemic.

Cases of coronavirus are increasing exponentially across the US. There are now 47 cases in Missouri and our state’s first coronavirus death. There has been an outbreak at a local preschool, and 2 physicians at Washington University are infected. Testing remains quite limited in Missouri, and test results take 1-5 days to return.

Current criteria for testing are the following:
-Hospitalized patients with severe respiratory distress who test negative for other potential causes of lung infection
-People with fever to 100.4 and dry cough who have been exposed to people with laboratory proven COVID-19
-People with fever to 100.4 and dry cough who have traveled in the last 2 weeks to Europe, Asia, Iran, parts of California, New York City, Colorado and Seattle

Coronavirus treatment:
There is some data that repurposing previously approved drugs including certain drugs for malaria (chloroquine/ hydroxychloroquine) and certain antibiotics which have anti-inflammatory properties reduces viral shedding and improves outcomes. These drugs are in short supply and need to be reserved for critically ill hospitalized patients who could die without them. We will only prescribe them to hospitalized patients who are ill with the coronavirus. 

Risk factors for Coronavirus:
There has been widely circulated information in the lay press and on social media that certain medications could increase your risk of acquiring an infection or developing a more severe infection if exposed. The drugs that were implicated were all anti-inflammatories (including aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, celecoxib, etc) and certain classes of blood pressure medicine (ACE-Inhibitors and ARBs). Simply put, the data has not been collected on this. These concerns are theoretical and are not based on case outcomes. The European Society of Hypertension and American College of Cardiology recommend continuing the ACE-Inhibitors and ARBs. Anti-inflammatories for pain are optional. If you develop a fever or dry cough, I would avoid them until you know that you do not have coronavirus.

Other information:
Here's an interview with Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns. 

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