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 Please read below for an important message from your doctors.

We have received many questions regarding whether or not to self-quarantine, whether or not to travel and what to do after traveling. Below are our current recommendations.

Hard Quarantine for 14 days if:  

• You have had direct contact with someone with known COVID-19 – meaning you were less than 6 feet from them for longer than 15 minutes 
• You have symptoms (fever, cough, respiratory difficulty) and had possible exposure to someone known to have COVID-19 

Guidelines for Hard Quarantine: 

• Stay home for 14 days
• Stay in one room of your house
• Use a separate bathroom – do not share towels, toiletries, et cetera
• Clean all surfaces daily with a disinfectant
• Use careful handwashing/hygiene

• Stay at least 6 feet away from others – no physical contact with others
• Wear a mask if you have to be in the same room with others
• Do not share food or drink

Soft Quarantine for 14 days if: 

• You have any symptoms of a cold or flu
• You have traveled to any high-risk areas such as: 
  -China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, Europe (including the UK), Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan
  -In the US: Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Boston, Portland, and New York City
  -New hot spots are emerging in the US, so please reference this map for the latest information
Guidelines for Soft Quarantine:

• Stay home for 14 days
• Monitor your temperature
• Avoid contact with immunocompromised people
• Use careful handwashing/hygiene
• Do not share food or drink
• Stay at least 6 feet away from others
• Sleep in a room separate from others


• Don’t travel if you’re over the age of 60
• Don’t travel if you have a chronic health condition such as: diabetes, asthma, heart or lung problems, suppressed immune system, or smoke 

  For all others:
• Avoid all unnecessary air travel
• If you have to travel, avoid airports and cities with higher infection rates such as Boston, LA, San Francisco, New York and Seattle
• Practice social distancing - avoid gatherings of more than 10 people
• Avoid hospitals and urgent cares
• Careful handwashing!

Please know we are doing everything we can in the office to help minimize risk to our patients. Be aware we will be pre-screening patients before appointments to help decrease exposure as well. Thank you for your cooperation with all of this! We wish you the best of health.

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