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Issue: seventeen
Oct 2017
Meet the Team

Steve Lawrence
President/ Operations Manager/Senior Estimator/ Project Manager
Steve has been COO since May of 2009. For over 30 years, he has been in and around excavating working hand-in-hand with his well-respected father, Dale. At Lawrence Excavating, Steve started off in the field working and operating on equipment, then moved into management performing tasks such as estimating as well as project management. He now administers all facets of Interstate Trenching and Excavating. 

Dale Lawrence 
Owner/ Estimator/Project Manager
You would be hard pressed to find anyone the caliber of Dale Lawrence. Between his integrity and having been in construction since 1959, Dale is a pillar in the industry. He is able to harness all of his practical knowledge and embrace innovation to present the best solutions possible to Interstate clients. Few, if any, can match his understanding in regards to excavation projects.

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Hard Freeze Will
Tighten Supply


                   Deep Freeze, Slow Thaw

      Traditionally, excavating contractors await the spring thaw to begin the bulk of their annual work load. This year, with such a hard winter, .the freeze line has gone deep. This may push back the normal thawing period. Which in turn creates a more compressed excavating season. Add this factor to the already shrinking supply of equipment as well as manpower and you get a bottleneck of significant proportions.
      General contractors with foresight have already sensed this situation developing and have preemptively contacted their preferred excavating contractors. They understand the sooner they engage this resource, the better chance they get their contractor of choice. This will make for a very limited availability of excavating and civil options.
      To our regular customers, we're here and ready to look at your 2018 projects. To newer, potential customers the sooner you contact us the better the chance we can serve you. This is not at all an attempt to be alarmists, just realists. With site work often the first major trade on a project, the need arises somewhat earlier than other trades. Investing the time to secure your excavating sources early can lock in manpower, equipment levels and pricing. As you know when supply dwindles down, costs go up. A little advanced preparation can save many of those headaches.

Steve Lawrence

                          Project Spotlight

                           Sleep Inn Project

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Steve Lawrence

Project Highlight

Interstate on MAC West Expansion

143 South Fifth Street
St. Charles, MO 63301
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