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Issue: twenty one
July 2018
Meet the Team

Steve Lawrence
President/ Operations Manager/Senior Estimator/ Project Manager
Steve has been COO since May of 2009. For over 30 years, he has been in and around excavating working hand-in-hand with his well-respected father, Dale. At Lawrence Excavating, Steve started off in the field working and operating on equipment, then moved into management performing tasks such as estimating as well as project management. He now administers all facets of Interstate Trenching and Excavating. 

Dale Lawrence 
Owner/ Estimator/Project Manager
You would be hard pressed to find anyone the caliber of Dale Lawrence. Between his integrity and having been in construction since 1959, Dale is a pillar in the industry. He is able to harness all of his practical knowledge and embrace innovation to present the best solutions possible to Interstate clients. Few, if any, can match his understanding in regards to excavation projects.

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Projects Rolling, Bids Flowing


                 Construction Crazy Season

     The middle of summer can be a very stressful time of year. Projects are in full swing, crews are busy and bids are coming out for work due to begin this fall. The combination of performing work and pricing future work can make for a long day. Contractors have to be adept at managing time and schedules to do both effectively. The more time a contractor has to calculate a bid package, the more accurate the final product. Having the foresight to engage the bidding company early as possible in the process is critically important.
    The better excavating contractors will have a shorter bidding season as they will fill their pipeline quickly. They're calculating and forecasting manpower as well as equipment resources. This while still using those exact same resources on their current projects. Add in the wild card of fall, as well as winter, weather delays and you can see why time literally is money. We understand it isn't always possible to get complete project information early, but excavating work is usually at the front end of the project therefore, can be priced at the beginning of project design.
     Many construction projects can take quite a while to develop. Often the excavating contractor isn't contacted on the front end. The more the excavator can be consulted at the onset of a job design, the better the bid. Of course the better the bid, the more efficient the project.  An end result everyone desires to have.

Steve Lawrence

                          Project Spotlight

             Missouri American Water Plant
                           Howard Bend

  Interstate Trenching and Excavating teams up with Tarlton Corporation on the Missouri American Water Treatment Plant Generator Addition at Howard Bend on the Missouri river. Any questions feel free to call Steve.

 Thank You for Reading

Steve Lawrence

143 South Fifth Street
St. Charles, MO 63301
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