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March 2018
Editor's Letter

Zeffert & Associates, Inc. is famous for its quality training programs nationwide. Not only are we a large volume distributor of the HCCP examination, we train programs that include HUD, RD, Fair Housing, VAWA, and others. It is always exciting to meet new site, regional, and asset managers that need first-time training, but I am especially proud to have so many returning clients for continuation and new program training. Earning this trust is a real testament of our Trainers’ ability to connect, engage, and educate.  This year we have met and successfully trained students in seven states…and we’ll be in six additional states over the next three months!

In which areas do you and your staff need training? So far 2018 has seen a lot of activity, some because of the general uncertainty at the government level bringing about a heightened alertness for managers and syndicators to ensure compliance, and others because of new staff and turnover directly on the properties. What you can do is take a look at our schedule and find the training that best fits your needs. But, you can also let us know if there is a topic or location of more immediate need.


Jeffrey Promnitz 
Chief Executive Officer

2018 Income Limits to be Released March 30
Industry Alert from Novogradac
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has set a target release date for new income limits of April 1 of each year. In 2011, HUD set a target release date for income limits of Dec. 1 of every year. However, in 2015 Congress changed how the extremely low-income limit was determined...

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Associate Spotlight
Amanda Mistretta

Amanda has served a variety of roles in the industry both at the property management level and in consulting.  Firsthand knowledge conducting property audits and organizing lease-ups on LIHTC new construction and acquisition/rehabilitation properties helps her relate to classes ranging from Housing Credit, MMRB, SAIL, HOME, SHIP, HUD and other government assistance programs.  Also with her degree in education, Amanda has a passion for training others and sharing her knowledge that she has gained throughout the last 12 years as an affordable housing property management professional.

Amanda has earned the following certifications/designations - HCCP, HCM-HF, FHS, COS
If you want to schedule a training for you and your employees, send Amanda an email at or contact our office at 314-336-4853.
Fair Housing Design and Accessibility
Article 31
Amanda Mistretta


Fair Housing Act Design Manual Chapter 2
Pages 2.20 – 2.24

We are continuing our discussion about Accessible and Usable Public and Common Use Spaces by examining the requirements for Accessible Parking on an Accessible Route. Accessible parking spaces on an accessible route are required when parking is provided on a residential site. The accessible parking must:

• Meet the ANSI 4.6 parking requirements and
• Must be on the shortest "accessible circulation route” to an accessible entrance

Let’s examine the specifics of accessible parking by looking at the following components:

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Due Diligence Matters
Tari Bradley

As we begin the new-year, it is common to create new resolutions and goals. To create a new checklist of items needing addressed and a plan of action to get them all done: both personally and for work. An important item to include is to be more diligent.

As a professional in the affordable housing industry, we are charged with the process of gathering or disclosing relevant and reliable information, and the degree of care that is to be reasonably expected or that is legally required. This fundamental commitment to an obvious, but overlooked and important practice referred to as “due diligence”, is a key component in continued compliance, and can set the tone and success of a property.

Let us take a moment and review two recent and important events that need to be addressed and implemented.

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Question 1
James Short is applying at your Tax Credit community. He brings in his current 2018 annual award letter verifying his Social Security benefits. You see that his full monthly Social Security benefit before any deductions is $745.62. A deduction of $96.40 for medical insurance premiums each month makes his regular monthly Social Security payments $649 (rounded down to the whole dollar). This is Mr. Short’s only source of income. What is his total household income?

A. $  7,790.64
B. $  7,788.00
C. $  8,947.44
D. $10,104.24
Question 2
A tenant will be moving in on February 1, 2018. Their only source of income is Social Security. Social Security will not provide any information. The applicant brings in the most recent benefit letter dated November 16, 2017 that explains that the COLA increase for 2018 is 2% and that starting January 1, 2018 the applicants benefits will be $678.83 per month. What will the anticipated income from Social Security be for the certification year?

A. $8,308.88
B. $8,145.96
C. $8,136.00
D. $8,080.00

Question 3
Sam applied for Social Security, but was denied. After 2 years of appeals, he was finally awarded the benefit and was to receive benefits retroactive to his application. Sam began receiving $875 a month from Social Security. $500 is his regular monthly amount and $375 is an amount he receives monthly until the amount he is owed due to the delay in benefits is paid.

His spouse, Sharon, also receives Social Security. She gets $700 monthly. Normally she would get $1,100 but her benefit is reduced by $400 every month because of past over payment by Social Security. The Social Security is this household’s only income. What is their total anticipated income?

A. $14,400
B. $18,900
C. $19,200
D. $23,700

Question 4
Jacob is a 15 year old dependent in a tax credit household. He receives $350 per month from Social Security. He has a job and earns $125 a week. He puts his earnings into a non-interest bearing checking account with a balance of $1,250. What is the anticipated annual income that will be counted for Jacob?

A. $22,400
B. $  9,960
C. $  5,700
D. $  4,200

Click HERE for the Quizzle answers
Question from a Client
"My LIHTC property has a 20-50 minimum set-aside and is mixed-income. Can I move in tenants that are over the 50% income limit in any units at this property?" 
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Correction to November's quizzle question
Correction to November’s Quizzle #2:

Quizzle #2 Question: An applicant has a service/assistance animal. Management treats the animal as a pet and charges a nonrefundable pet deposit because the animal may cause damage to the apartment and management wants to ensure the damages will be paid for upon move-out. Is this permitted?

Answer: Service/assistance animals are not considered pets. Therefore, conditions and restrictions that housing providers apply to pets may not be applied to assistance animals. Housing providers may not charge applicants or residents any fees unless the animal actually causes damage.
Zeffert's Training Calendar
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Mar 13-15 Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam
Las Vegas, NV
Mar 13-15 Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam Seattle, WA 
Mar 20  Fair Housing: Focus on Maintenance Professionals Sponsored by SLAA  St Louis, MO 
Mar 21-23 Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam - Sold Out! St. Louis, MO 
Apr 17-19 Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam Valdosta, GA 
Apr 17
Fair Housing: Issues for Maintenance Professionals and
Managing Property Maintenance Sponsored by
Affordable Housing Association of Arkansas
Little Rock, AR
Apr 18 HUD and RD - Qualifying Households 
Sponsored by Affordable Housing Association of Arkansas
Little Rock, AR 
Apr 24-26 Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam Milwaukee, WI 
May 8-10  Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam
Columbus, OH
May 10-11 Managing HUD Compliance with optional HCM-H exam St Louis, MO 
May 15-17  Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam   Kansas City, MO 
June 6-7  Managing Rural Development Compliance with optional HCM-R exam  Birmingham, AL 
June 12-14  Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam   Columbia, SC 
June 12-14  Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam 
Sponsored by Colorado Housing and Finance Authority 
Denver, CO 
June 26-28  Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam Baton Rouge, LA 
July 17-19  Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam  Fargo, ND 
July 17-19  Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam   Miami, FL 
July 17-19  Managing Rural Development Compliance with optional HCM-R exam  Salt Lake City, UT 
July 24-26  Managing LIHTC Compliance with optional HCCP exam   Charlotte, NC 

Please contact Susan Barnett, with any questions at 314-336-4853

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HUD Publishes HOMEfires Vol. 14, No. 1: Guidance on PJ Affirmative Marketing Responsibilities

HOME Quarterly Reports Now Posted

The FY 2017 Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) Application is Now Available

New Resources on Counting Survivors of Domestic Violence in the Point-In-Time (PIT) Count

FY 2017 Continuum of Care Program Competition Funding Announcement

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