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September 2018 Newsletter

The end of summer always marks the beginning of new things and in our affordable housing world you are always reminded about student status (don't forget to verify annually by the way!).  While our Compliance Specialists and Trainers are busy answering many questions from site staff, if you have any due diligence or compliance questions then I will be happy to assist you, feel free to call or email anytime.

I spend a good part of my days listening to our clients and then working with our teams to help your staff remain compliant with all the rules and regulations of affordable housing.  One exciting new event on our end this month is the rollout of a refreshed, more user-friendly website.  With thanks to many of you for providing feedback, our new interface gives you easier access to the information you want as well as less clicks to the Training, Compliance, and Utility Allowance portals.  Feel free to browse the new website and let me know of any comments you have.  It is, after all, made for you!

This month, following a sustained increase in requests, the final item I would like to share is the expansion of our Uniform Physical Condition Standards inspection service line.  We have long been a provider of UPCS inspections based on the HUD PASS system to state tax credit agencies and LIHTC investors.  Now, we are extending this to all management companies with properties subject to REAC inspections.  Clients want our pre-REAC inspection because it is proactive, affordable, and incredibly fast at getting you a full report typically within one business day. As always, it is our pleasure to serve your compliance needs.


Jeffrey Promnitz
Chief Executive Officer

In this edition:

Student Question at the LIHTC Training in El Paso, TX

Student:  “I am a manager at a HUD/Section 8 based apartment community and processing an application for a vacant unit.  The household has completed all of the appropriate paperwork and upon my review I see that only the nine-month old daughter is a US citizen.  All of the other household members are unable to provide acceptable documentation in support of their citizenship.  Are they eligible to move in?”

Trainer Tari Bradley answered:  "Simply put, yes.  As the manager you must allow them to move in and explain  that the rental assistance will need to be prorated.  Let's take a look at the 4350.3 HUD Handbook Chapter 3, which has guidance dealing with a 'Mixed Family.'  It says that a mixed family is one whose members include citizens and eligible immigrants as well as non citizens without eligible immigration status and such families are eligible only for a pro-rated assistance."


Questions during live trainings are opportunities for affordable housing practitioners to spark real-world questions, interact with an expert, and develop situational awareness.  Zeffert & Associates is one of the most reputable educators in the industry, is a large-scale distributor of the HCCP exam, and awards specialty designations covering fair housing, rural development, HUD, and more.

Training Calendar

Register for courses and view the complete calendar here.  If you have questions or would like to request a topic, location, or private event then email or call (314.514.7711) and we will gladly help.  Note:  Locations and dates subject to change.




Sep 11

Avoiding Top Compliance Errors Webinar

eLearning Event

Sep 12

LIHTC Compliance and HOME Funds

(Private Event)

Branson, MO

Sep 18

Managing RD Property Maintenance

(Private Event)

St. Louis, MO

Sep 19 - 21

Managing LIHTC Compliance

(optional HCCP designation exam)

St. Louis, MO

Sep 25 - 27

Managing HUD Compliance

Sponsored by Mennonite Housing

Wichita, KS

Oct 9 - 11

Managing LIHTC Compliance

(optional HCCP designation exam)

Augusta, GA

Oct 16 - 18

Managing HUD Compliance

(Private Event)

Kansas City, KS

Oct 23 - 25

Managing LIHTC Compliance

(optional HCCP designation exam) 

Sponsored by OHFA

Oklahoma City, OK 

Nov 6 - 8

Managing LIHTC Compliance

(optional HCCP designation exam)

Salem, OR

Nov 13 - 15

Managing LIHTC Compliance

(optional HCCP designation exam)

Nashville, TN

Nov 27 - 29

Managing LIHTC Compliance

(optional HCCP designation exam)

St. Louis, MO

Dec 5 - 7

Managing LIHTC Compliance

(optional HCCP designation exam)

Boise, ID

Dec 11

Practical Fair Housing for the 21st Century

(Private Event)

St. Louis, MO

Dec 11 - 13

Managing LIHTC Compliance

(optional HCCP designation exam)

Omaha, NE

Dec 12 - 14

Managing LIHTC Compliance

(optional HCCP designation exam)

Anaheim, CA


Test your knowledge on these questions...or quiz your coworker!

Question 1
True or False

George and Judy Jones, with Cody their 18-year old son who is attending the local high school, have been approved to move into Summer Place. Under the Fair Housing Act, this household is a protected class by familial status.

Question 2
An applicant has applied at your property and notes on the application that she is pregnant. The other household members listed include a co-head and her 3-year old nephew residing with them as a foster child. When determining the household size, for income and occupancy, a manager would consider how many members:

A.  2
B.  3
C.  4
D.  0

Question 3
True or False

When determining the anticipated annual income of a household, the Social Security benefits paid to the minor occupants is included.

Question 4
An applicant has the following contributions to the household; $50.00 in groceries delivered weekly from Grandma Josephine, and a recurring gift in the amount of $200 that is deposited monthly into a bank account.  When determining the annual income of this household, the correct annual income is:

A.  $3,000.00
B.  $2,400.00
C.  $5,000.00
D.  $600.00

Quizzle Answers

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