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In our business, along with the change of leaves (in most parts of the country!) comes changes in rents, social security benefits, program funding, and more.  It always seems that the annual cost of living adjustment (COLA) with regards to the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) draws the most attention because there is a flood of emails, blog posts, and social media activity announcing it.  And, rightfully so!  Affordability of housing is disparate across people and communities, which may seem the same, but are distinct for many reasons.  This month the Social Security Administration announced a 1.6% increase in SSI benefits, which affects more than 63 million people.  You can read more on this fact sheet and you can also test your understanding specifically on resident income eligibility in our Quizzle below.

Additionally, HUD has recently published its annual Difficult Development Areas and Qualified Census Tracts designations.  If you're a LIHTC property, these areas receive credit allocation increases of up to 30%.  Using the FY19 Fair Market Rents is a part of these calculations, and speaking of which, you may want to review these rents as they were updated as well.  

Staff turnover and constant change in residential portfolios can make keeping track of everything a challenge.  At the end of the day you just want to be compliant with what is required and still turn a profit.  Keeping ahead of the game is always your best bet.  If ever I can help you then please don't hesitate to contact me directly as I am happy to do so in whatever way is best.  


Jeffrey Promnitz
Chief Executive Officer

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Oct 22 - 23

Mastering the RD Program
(optional HCM-R live exam)

Minneapolis, MN

Nov 4 - 6

Mastering LIHTC Compliance
(optional HCCP exam) *Sold Out*
In Partnership with Georgia DCA

Atlanta, GA

Nov 4 - 6

Mastering LIHTC Compliance
(optional HCCP exam)

Minneapolis, MN

Nov 12 - 14

Mastering LIHTC Compliance
(optional HCCP exam)

Des Moines, IA

Nov 19 - 21

Mastering LIHTC Compliance
(optional HCCP exam)

St. Louis, MO

Dec 4 - 6

Mastering LIHTC Compliance
(optional HCCP exam)

Indianapolis, IN

Dec 4 - 6

Mastering LIHTC Compliance
(optional HCCP exam)

Raleigh, NC

Dec 9 - 10

Mastering the RD Program
(optional HCM-R live exam)

Spokane, WA

Dec 18 - 19

Mastering the RD Program
(optional HCM-R live exam)

Salt Lake City, UT

Dec 17 - 19

Mastering LIHTC Compliance
(optional HCCP exam)

Baton Rouge, LA


Test your knowledge on these questions...or quiz your coworker!

Question One

Calculate this household’s income factoring in the new COLA increase of 1.6%. Robert and Marla are adults living in the same unit and both have COLA increases to their income. Robert is receiving $759.63 in Social Security and $106.95 in VA Benefits and Marla is receiving $876.00 in SSI, their recertification date is 12/1/2019.  What is the total income for Robert’s SS?

A: $9327.06

B: $9261.36

C: $9237.06

D: $9115.56


What is Robert’s income from VA?

A: $2364.66

B: $1283.40

C: $1283.40

D: $1302.21


What is Marla’s income from SSI?

A: $10,683.24

B: $10,666.00

C: $10,515.00

D: $10,894.21


What is the total income for this household?

A: $21,205.27

B: $21,208.49

C: $20,248.62

D: $21,248.52


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Quizzle Answers

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