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Enhanced Services For You During COVID-19 Pandemic

March 20, 2020 - We know that for most of you it is not business-as-usual.  At the very least, what you need today is not the same as yesterday in light of COVID-19.  Tomorrow will be different, too.  Over the last two weeks I have spent a considerable amount of time talking with many of our clients and participating in conference calls with industry groups.  Since the beginning of this very month, the increase in uncertainty has accelerated exponentially...and you know this already.  We all have been inundated with the same CDC guidance.  What is less certain is the forthcoming guidance from our authoritative bodies such as HUD and RD.

We have two primary objectives right now:  (1) Ensure the safety of our Associates and yours, and (2) deliver compliance services for you that are uniquely adapted to your new needs.

I want to assure you that our... 

Delivery of services is not disrupted.  All of our Associates are equipped with the resources they require to function at remote locations and without delay.

Technology and security is industry leading.  We continue to maintain the highest rigors of IT security, verified via third party audits, to be compliant with SOC2 type 2 parameters.

Commitment to your ability to deliver affordable housing, and to do so profitably, has not changed.  As a collective, we will enable decent, safe, and sanitary housing even during this new normal.  But, we will continue to adapt so as to contribute to your property's viability as well.

To meet your new needs and to maintain safety, we have (in addition to following CDC and local health pronouncements)...

Converted in-person LIHTC, RD, HUD, and Fair Housing courses to an online delivery.  For at least the next 60 days, private clients and public classes will be delivered via live video feed (not just a presentation) to all students.  We have also developed a new, state-of-the-art LIHTC eLearning course for your staff to take while at home.  If you need to enroll a student or schedule a closed-group course, see our training schedule or email Training Manager Mandi Barnes.

Committed to fulfilling all ADA, 504, and CNA inspections as scheduled, but also with enhanced safety precautions.  All on-site staff are required to disinfect any touched surface and wear appropriate personal protective equipment at all times.  Additionally, when circumstances arise that a particular unit cannot immediately be inspected, photo reviews will be allowed or subsequent visits arranged, to the extent possible.  Email Inspections Manager Fred Donnell if you require a visit within the next 60 days and are not already scheduled. 

Actual-use and HUD Utility Schedule Model Utility Allowance reports will not be delayed.   Because our UA department maintains a real-time database of nationwide utility rates and adheres to a strict record retention policy, the most recent tenant data will be utilized to complete reports, to the extent possible.  Email Manager Jamie Hart if you require a report not already scheduled.

New move-in and re-certification file reviews require no property minimum volumes and new property setup fees are waived at least until April 15th.  To provide relief to your properties that may be understaffed during this time, new setups will be expedited without additional costs and then will follow our same 2-day guarantee of file review turnaround.  Whether you need just one file reviewed or the entire property certified, email Manager Carol Rathman.

Evolving times require adapting strategies.  I always invite you to contact me personally with your unique needs or questions.  Please also follow us on social media, it is another way to stay in touch with what we are doing to help you.


Jeffrey Promnitz
Chief Executive Officer

 is to support the property managers, owners, syndicators, and agencies with quality education and consulting services and to do it better than anyone else through our speed in acquiring and delivering knowledge.

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OUR MISSION is to support the property managers, owners, syndicators, and agencies with quality education and consulting services and to do it better than anyone else through our speed in acquiring and delivering knowledge.


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