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September 2019 Quizzle (Second part) and Training Calendar
In the first Quizzle this month you were asked three questions of moderate difficulty.  This second Quizzle steps it up and incorporates a challenging set of four.  If you or your staff are stumped or need help, follow the link to the answers.  And at anytime, if you have any questions on an existing compliance item, give us a call!  We are here to help.
Training Calendar

Select the city to register or view the the complete calendar here.  If you have questions or would like to request a topic, location, or private event then email or call (314.514.7711) and we will gladly help.  Note:  Locations and dates subject to change.




Oct 1

Essentials of LIHTC Compliance
Partnership with MO-CARH

Branson, MO

Oct 3 - 4

Essentials of Fair Housing Webinar


Oct 15 - 16

Mastering the RD Program
(optional HCM-R live exam)
Partnership with LCPM and Supported by USDA

Sicklerville, NJ

Oct 15 - 17

Mastering HUD Compliance
(optional HCM-H exam)

St. Louis, MO

Oct 22 - 23

Mastering the RD Program
(optional HCM-R live exam)

Minneapolis, MN

Nov 4 - 6

Mastering LIHTC Compliance
(optional HCCP exam) *Sold Out*
In Partnership with Georgia DCA

Atlanta, GA

Nov 4 - 6

Mastering LIHTC Compliance
(optional HCCP exam)

Minneapolis, MN

Nov 12 - 14

Mastering LIHTC Compliance
(optional HCCP exam)

Des Moines, IA

Nov 19 - 21

Mastering LIHTC Compliance
(optional HCCP exam)

St. Louis, MO


Test your knowledge on these questions...or quiz your coworker!

Question One
For all LIHTC communities, a verification to determine student eligibility must be competed at all move-ins and at every recertification or annually when not required to conduct re-certifications.

Question Two
Sunny Oaks is a Rural Development apartment community with an available 2-bedroom unit. The current very-low income limit is $20,000 and the low-income limit being $27,000. When processing applications from the waiting list, the following applications are available for processing:

  • 10/12/2017; Household A; $25,000
  • 10/20/2017; Household B; $20,000
  • 10/20/2017; Household C; $10,000

Which applicant should have first priority as required in HB-2 3560?

Question Three
Sally Jones has submitted an application for herself, her two 3 year-old twins, and Tommy, her 19-year old brother who is attending college full time and working a part-time job earning $300 a month as an Uber driver. The manager determines that only $480 of Tommy’s income must be counted and included with Sally’s income of $10,000; resulting in the total annual income to be $10,480.00. Was the manager correct?

Question Four
MaryJo moved onto a property on 5/17/2016 and was an income qualified household. At recertification the following year (5/1/2017), MaryJo informed the property manager that she was having her partner, Stanley move in.  Recertification paperwork was completed and the household exceeded the 60% income limit but remained under the 140% limit.  Then in February of 2018 the property began a Re-Syndication of credits and again certified MaryJo and Stanly.  Now, the household exceeded the 140% income limit, however, because MaryJo was a qualified household at move-in (and because this is a 100% tax credit property) they were allowed to be “grandfathered” in.  In June of 2018, MaryJo and Stanly split up and MaryJo vacated the unit.  Once MaryJo moved out, Stanley was treated as a new move-in and his income at that time exceeded the 60% income limit. An investor for the property is afraid the unit is now out of compliance, are they?

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Quizzle Answers

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