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June 2018
Connecting the classroom to construction at Margaret Mead Elementary
Students watching construction equipment from their playground. 

Students watching a presentation about construction safetyStudents at Margaret Mead Elementary School are learning more about the construction work going on in their backyard.

On June 12, contractors who are building the school gave a presentation and demonstrated some of the equipment being used at the site: an excavator, a bulldozer, a fork lift and a water truck. They explained why they use special protective gear to stay safe (helmet, glasses, gloves and boots).

Students absorbed the lessons. “One pointed out the window recently and said, ‘Look, it’s an excavator,’” said third-grade teacher Renee Beluche.

During a question-and-answer session, students showed a particular interest in the stairs, play area and cafeteria (they currently eat in their classrooms).

Students who are in third grade this year will be in fifth grade when the new school opens in fall 2019. They were excited to hear that their classrooms will be on the third floor because they will be the oldest students in the school.

Margaret Mead has the smallest building footprint of the district's construction projects. The Design and Construction Advisory Committee recommended the three-floor design to allow the school to be built on a smaller area and still maintain the student capacity needed. The smaller footprint also means there is a smaller impact on storm water.

Excavation on the new school is in progress beside the existing building.The new building will have a capacity of 690 students.


Staff get close-up view of new Clara Barton Elementary School

Group photo of Clara Barton staff in front of new school.

Barton staff give a thumbs upClara Barton Elementary finally felt real to teachers and staff who toured the new school in north Redmond on May 9. Teachers and staff absorbed every detail as they visualized the opportunities for collaboration and learning that each classroom and shared space provides.

Furniture has been ordered and teachers are looking forward to moving in. One teacher even brought her own tape measure so she would have precise classroom measurements to create a nurturing learning environment for her students.

During the tour, staff learned that the school’s storm water treatment system has treated 4.3 million gallons of water since it was built last summer. That’s a lot of rain! But on this day, the sun made its way through the clouds.

Planning Principal Karen Barker has been meeting with staff to determine school schedules and routines. Students and their families participated in a welcoming activity to paint rocks for a school rock garden. The activity helps to develop a sense of community at the school.

The building will see substantial completion by the end of June. Furniture move-in will begin in July. Clara Barton Elementary will provide space for 690 elementary students. The first day of school is September 4.

Inside the new middle school: Planning principal gets first look

New middle school commons

Planning principal consults with construction program manager at new middle school.The gymnasium is far from finished. But it’s easy to imagine the students who will assemble there for physical education classes, assemblies or sporting events. The new middle school at Redmond Ridge will have a capacity for up to 900 students.

Planning Principal Heidi Paul got her first tour of the new middle school at Redmond Ridge in May. From the library on the second floor, she had a view of the commons taking shape below.

The school (both inside and outside) will be lit with energy-efficient LED lights.

Under the future play field, geothermal well drilling is complete. Geothermal technology is a sustainable way of maintaining temperatures inside the school. Water in the pipes warms (or cools) underground before returning to the surface. The heat is extracted to help control the temperature inside.

The new middle school will open in fall 2019. Watch a slideshow with more photos from the tour.


Updates on other 2016 bond projects

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Juanita High School


  • Steel assembly began on June 18. Watch the Facebook Live video.
  • Concrete pours for the school’s foundation began on May 23.
  • Five double wide portables were installed, which will house 10 classrooms. A portable was also installed for a teacher-planning space. Ten classrooms will be demolished over the summer. The first phase of the new building will open in fall 2019. The rest of the school will open in fall 2020.
  • A temporary staff parking lot opened on June 4 in the southwest corner of campus. There is now sufficient parking for students, staff and visitors during the school day. A second temporary parking lot will open for construction workers before school begins in September.
  • Demolition will begin in July on the north wing of the old building.

Ella Baker Elementary (New Elementary School at Redmond Ridge East)

 Views of front of building and interior stairs.  

  • Curbs and sidewalks are installed around the main entrance.
  • Elevator installation is complete.
  • Cabinet installation is nearing completion.
  • Landscaping will begin this month.

Peter Kirk Elementary School


  • Water and sewer utility work on 14th Place is expected to be complete by the end of the month.
  • Construction crews are preparing the site for the first concrete pour later this month. The concrete will form the school’s storm water vault.

Old Redmond Schoolhouse
  • Old Redmond Schoolhouse exteriorConstruction is expected to begin this summer.



Completed projects

Explorer campus modular buildings
Explorer Community School

The school opened in fall 2017. Four innovative and energy-efficient modular classroom buildings replaced aging portable classrooms.

Explorer Community School

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