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August 2018
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The countdown is on: Two new elementary schools set to open at beginning of the year
  Baker and Barton aerial photos 

Workers installing Ella Baker playground.Sunday, August 5 marked 30 days until the first day of school at the two new elementary schools in Redmond: Ella Baker Elementary and Clara Barton Elementary. The first day of school for students in grades 1-5 is Tuesday, September 4. Kindergarten students will begin on Friday, September 7. Here are a few glimpses of what students at these schools will experience during their first week. 

Sun shields will screen classrooms from direct sunlight while keeping rooms bright. When clouds are passing through, sensors automatically raise the level of the LED lights and lower them again when the sun returns, or when no one is in the classroom.  

Shared learning spaces in each wing of Ella Baker and Clara Barton will allow students and staff to collaborate. These spaces reflect an emphasis on project-based learning.  Students often work in teams to explore a chosen topic. 

New SMART interactive boards will replace Activboards. All schools in Lake Washington are receiving SMART interactive boards over the next two years. Students interact with these electronic panels much like they would their own touch devices. Watch SMART boards in action.

The two new elementary schools will provide space for 1,380 students.


Updates on other 2016 bond projects

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Margaret Mead Elementary School
Footings and storm water vault

  • Structural brace frame concrete footings in progress.
  • West storm water vault concrete complete.
  • Concrete footings, for structural walls, are in progress.
  • Water and sewer utilities are being installed.

Peter Kirk Elementary School

Geothermal and storm water vault

  • Borings for geothermal wells and connections are in progress.
  • Concrete footings for structural walls are installed.
  • Storm water vault concrete walls completed.

New Middle School - Redmond Ridge
Exterior of middle school and classroom. 
  • Exterior and interior brick veneer is complete, as well as metal siding at classroom wing.
  • Window framing is progressing on the classroom wing.
  • Paving of the student drop-off loop and the basketball court is scheduled for mid-August.

Juanita High School

  • Steel assembly is complete in parts of the school.
  • The concrete lid of the storm water vault was placed in July.
  • The theater is in progress.
  • The ADA walkway to the stadium is in progress.
  • Building demolition has concluded for the summer. 

Old Redmond Schoolhouse
  • Old Redmond Schoolhouse exteriorPlans and permits are under review. Construction is expected to begin this fall.



Completed projects

Explorer campus
Explorer Community School

The school opened in fall 2017. Four innovative and energy-efficient modular classroom buildings replaced aging portable classrooms.

Explorer Community School

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