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WCE - Upcoming February Events                                   
03 - Read, Right, & Run Club 3:35-4:30pm
06 - Safety drills January 6th & 7th
06 - Good News Club 3:35-4:45pm
10 - Read, Right, Run Club 3:35-4:30pm
10 - PTO Meeting 
13 - Good News Club 3:35-4:45pm
14 - Six Flags Read to Succeed Program ENDS. Complete all reading logs online.
14 - Classroom Valentine celebrations (ALL volunteers must be be scanned through LobbyGuard at          front office)
17 - NO SCHOOL - President's Day
19 - WCE Pizza Hut "Dough4Schools" Night
20 - Good News Club 3:35-4:45pm
24 - District-wide Food Drive February 24th-February 28th
24 - Dr. Seuss Week February 24th-February 28th
28 - Good News Club 3:35-4:45pm

02 - Read, Right & Run Club 3:35-4:30pm
05 - Good News Club 3:35-4:45pm
09 - Spring Picture Day!
09 - Read, Right & Run 3:35-4:30pm
12 - Good News Club 3:35-4:45pm 
16 - NO SCHOOL - SPRING BREAK  March 16th - March 20th   
23 - Read, Right & Run 3:35-4:30pm
26 - Good News Club 3:35-4:45pm
28 - Read, Right & Run Race Day!                          

  Yearbook Sales Have Started!
Don't miss out, order your yearbook today!  Orders are due by February 28th.  Order forms have been sent home with students and additional forms are available in the office.  Yearbooks are only $10.00.  You can also place your order ONLINE by going to: and type your school's name in the search bar.


Important information from our Nurse

Reasons your child SHOULD stay home from school

Fever - Temperature needs to be below 100 degrees for 24 hours without medication.

Vomiting or diarrhea - child needs to be on their normal diet and without vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school.


Eye Drainage

Head Lice

Donations Appreciated!
The nurse would also appreciate any donations of gently used shorts and pants sizes 4T and up.
Six Flags Read to Succeed Program ENDS Friday, February 14th.
Students should be logging their their reading time online on their eReading log at Forms containing unique teacher codes were sent home with students in December. Please use this code to register your student and log their reading minutes. Additional forms can be printed in the office.

To participate, students needs to read for fun for a total of 6 hours or 360 minutes.  Completed reading logs need to be completed by Friday, February 14th.  Every student who completes 6 hours of reading before the deadline is eligible for a free admission ticket to Six Flags in Eureka.
Did You Attend Summer School?
If you received a gift card for attending Summer Journey, they are about to expire! Cards will no longer be valid after 1/31/2020. It will not be possible to reactivate or replace them, so please spend before 1/31/2020.

Counselor’s Corner


Character Trait

Students will be celebrating Compassion throughout the month of February.  Compassion is defined to students as “I care about the feelings of others.  I will treat all people with kindness.”


Annual Food Drive and Dr. Seuss Week Coming Soon!!!

We will be combining our annual food drive with Dr. Seuss week again this year.  WCE students, staff, and families are encouraged to bring in cans of food or other items for our district-wide Food Drive on February 24th-February 28th.  What a great way to show our COMPASSION towards others and celebrate reading at the same time!!!

(A Special Flyer will be coming home with more details…)


Other Information

Resources:  Looking for a resource and not sure where to go?  School Counselors have a variety of handouts on topics students and parents are dealing with.  Some examples include:  behavior, anxiety, bedtime problems, crisis coping, blaming others, discipline, fears, eating, and many more. 


Warmest regards,

Mrs. Ryan


Speech and Language Corner    

During early speech and language development, children learn skills that are important to the development of literacy (reading and writing). This stage, known as emergent literacy, begins at birth and continues through the preschool years. You can help your child develop literacy skills by reading with them as often as you can. Show your children that reading and writing are a part of everyday life and can be fun and enjoyable.

Consider doing a “book walk” before you actually read a book together. Before opening the book, show the cover and read the title. Ask your child to predict (guess) what the story will be about based on what they see. Next, slowly flip through the book, page by page, without reading any of the words. Ask your child to answer questions based on what they see. This skill is called inferencing, and it is an important part of language development. Questions for these pages could include:

o    “What is going on here?”

o    “Who is this?”

o    “Why do you think he looks so excited?”

o    “When does this story take place?”

o    “How do you think this story will end?”

Tidbits From Title

Monthly Reading Strategy:


Often when we read a book, authors tell us things without actually saying it in the text. They could tell us that a character is feeling angry by their actions, words, and the way they say something. Example: “I hate spaghetti!” Michael yelled as he stomped out of the room. As we read we can think and talk about how the characters are feeling based on what they say and do in the story.


February Book Suggestions:

       Groundhog’s Day Off - L

       Love from the Very Hungry Caterpillar - G

       The Story of Snow the Science of Winter’s Wonder - O

       Fly Guy Presents  the White House - O

       Henry’s Freedom Box - Q

       Whoever You Are - I (Great read aloud for younger readers)

       The Red Sled - E

       Clifford’s Valentines - G

       Pets at the White House - I

       Wackiest White House Pets - R

       The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963 - U


Game night:

Want a fun way to practice sight words/no excuse words while you are stuck inside this winter? Using a Jenga Game, write sight words on your Jenga blocks. When it’s your turn you have to read the sight word on your block before placing it on top of the tower. Don’t want to write on your blocks? No problem, just write the words on labels and attach the label to the block to be easily peeled off later.

*Dollar Tree also has miniature versions of Jenga for $1!*

WCE Monthly Award Winners!


Emilia G, Jaxon S, Jersey D,  Ryder V, Connor C, Aaron V, Macie G, Kenzie B, Caleb F, Paisley S, Nova L, Maesen H, River H, Leighton G, Annisten K, Owen W, Hunter B, Julia R, Lanell W, Trinity B, Grayce B, Lilly E, Lucas M, Arthur A



Madison L, Maddie R, Bayli J, Ashlynn T, Ezekiel M, Eliana F, Brayden G, Sam B, Jayla J, Cayden D, Ryder S, Camden M, Quinton S, Noah B, Jacobi V, Isaiah B, Keagan M, Kyler B, Joey E, Maddie G, Adrian M, Ellie C, Hope F, Riley M, Aaliyah F, Julien M, Brayden D, Cailyn Z



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