High School Traffic Flow
Traffic dropping off and picking up students at the high school should enter at the traffic light (SW Eagles Parkway and East E Kirby Road).  Due to construction over the summer the road to the east of the building was used for two-way traffic; however, this road is now one-way (exit) only.  Traffic should not try to enter the road east of the building, all traffic needs to enter at the stoplight.  

School Night For Scouting
Is your child interested in being a Cub Scout? School Night for Scouting for boys and girls in grades K-5 will be held at each elementary school on September 17 at 6:30 pm.

For more information about being a Cub Scout please visit BeAScout.org to find a Cub Scout pack.  To find out about what Cub Scouts do check out this video.
Friday Night Football Game
The GVHS Eagles football team will take on the Truman Patriots on Friday, September 18 at 7:00 pm. This is an away game and Truman High School does not allow visiting team fans at the game. A livestream link will be available for fans to watch the game. We will share the livestream link on Facebook and Twitter later this week.
Vote for the Best of Eastern Jackson County
Is your school or activity the BEST? The time has come to vote for the BEST OF EASTERN JACKSON COUNTY! Whose fans will send their school or activity to the top of the list this year? Votes may be cast once per day through September 25.

CLICK HERE to vote!
Important Dates

October 30 - November 2
Parent Teacher Conferences (No School)

November 3
Full Day In-Service (No School)

November 25-27
Thanksgiving Break (No School)
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