School Reopening Planning Continues

More than 2000 families and staff reviewed our draft School Reopening Plan over the past two weeks and provided feedback. Overall, 85% of families indicated they are "very comfortable" or "somewhat comfortable" with the plan as drafted. 

51.6% Very Comfortable

33.4% Somewhat Comfortable

10.4% Somewhat Uncomfortable

4.6% So uncomfortable that I prefer not to return to school based on what I read here.

Of the 15% of families who responded with "somewhat uncomfortable" or "so uncomfortable..." and included specific feedback in their comments, most indicated they feel the district's reopening plan is too restrictive, roughly one-third indicated the district's plan does not go far enough for safety, and roughly 10% cited specific information needed or provided other suggestions without stating whether the plan is too restrictive or does not go far enough.

All input is being reviewed at this time and a revised plan will be shared with all families and district employees as soon as it is completed. This could be as soon as July 6.

State Funding Falls Short By One Million Dollars - More Cuts Expected
A shortfall in state revenues this spring has led to a withholding of the amount of final revenue distributed to Missouri's school districts as the school budget year comes to a close on June 30. The shortfall for Grain Valley Schools is $1,086,997.00. The statewide revenue shortfall is being attributed to the Stay At Home order this spring due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Although there were some savings by the district having schools closed this spring, salaries and benefits make up most of the district's budget and all personnel remained on the payroll during the closure.

Governor Parson has also warned school districts to expect continued cuts to school funding for the foreseeable future. In response, Grain Valley Schools is making plans to leave some open staff positions unfilled for the start of the new school year and is reviewing across-the-board spending for other ways to save money in what is expected to be a challenging year financially.
Work Begins For The Phase 5 Addition At GVHS
The main entrance to Grain Valley High School is closed and will remain blocked off for much of the summer as crews re-route the north-south drive to make room for the expansion of the new arts wing. The staff parking lot on the NW corner of the school is the site for the addition and is being replaced with a new parking lot on the east side of the building. With parking and driveway work completed by the start of the upcoming school year, focus can shift to the start of the new classrooms in August.

Bond money can only be used for construction and equipment, so the Phase 5 project is going to proceed as planned and is not significantly impacted by the state and local budget shortfall.
The GVHS Class Of 2020 Commencement Is Friday, July 24 At UCM
Families of the GVHS Class of 2020 were notified on Friday that the Commencement ceremony has been scheduled for Friday, July 24 at the University of Central Missouri's Multipurpose Building in Warrensburg. This venue ensures an air-conditioned ceremony with the likelihood that more tickets may be issued per family than if we hosted the ceremony in Independence or at a local football stadium. We will communicate more information with these families as it becomes available.
Important Dates
July 6
Online instructions for Annual Residency Verification and Registration for returning students sent to families through email.

July 6-31 
In Person Summer School

July 16
Sni Valley Graduation, Jan Reding Community Room and Lecture Hall at GVHS, 7:00 pm

July 24
2020 Graduation Commencement Ceremony, University of Central Missouri's Multipurpose Building, Warrensburg, MO

July 29
Residency Verification and New Student Enrollment Event
11:00 am to 7:00 PM at South Middle School 

August 24
First day of school for students
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