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Board Meeting Highlights: October 21, 2019
Glenbrook South senior participates in Youth Leadership Institute, makes connections

As a junior, Iandivi Peralta was encouraged by her AP Spanish teacher Mr. Zamora to apply for a coveted spot at the Youth Leadership Institute (YLI), a conference hosted by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Iandivi was among 400 high school juniors to be selected to participate from across the country.

On Monday night, Iandivi, now a Glenbrook South senior, shared her experience at this highly competitive YLI summer conference with the Board. The primary goal of the YLI is to identify young Latino leaders and empower them with resources and tools so that they can successfully complete higher education. For four days, Iandivi participated in workshops that focused on various college topics, including scholarship and financial aid opportunities, campus living, and career services. Iandivi also had the opportunity to speak with college admissions officers and professionals who offer internships. Importantly, she developed a college application support group, on which she can rely during the college application process.

Iandivi shares her experience at the YLI conference in this video.

Board approves 2020 employee healthcare premium rates

During Monday evening’s Board meeting, Assistant Superintendent Dr. R.J. Gravel presented the 2020 employee healthcare premium rates, which show an expected reduction in overall costs compared to those this current year. Employee health benefit expenses represent approximately 9.9% of the District’s operating budget, highlighting the importance of continuing to control these costs.

“The cost of the District’s self-insurance plan represents a considerable, variable expense within our budget,” said Dr. Gravel. “It is therefore prudent to review these expenses on an ongoing basis, and to evaluate and implement changes as appropriate.”

The District's healthcare plan is self-funded through a combination of employee and District contributions. The amount collected resides in a holding account and is used throughout the year to pay claims.

The Board approved the proposed 2020 rates, which are projected to save the District $456,021 compared to expenses this year. These savings are largely due to the addition of coverage tiers for each of the five health plans, allowing for more cost-effective choices for each District 225 employee.

Board of Education

Bruce Doughty, Pres.
Peter Glowacki, V. Pres.
Karen Stang Hanley
Dr. Sonia Kim
Skip Shein
Dr. Marcelo Sztainberg
Joel Taub

Dr. Charles Johns

Board Meeting
November 12, @ 7 p.m.

Board Meeting 
December 9, @ 7 p.m.

All meetings are held in the Public Meeting Room located at 3801 West Lake,
in Glenview, IL, unless otherwise stated.

3801 West Lake Avenue, Glenview, IL 60026
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