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Board Meeting Highlights: December 9, 2019
Glenbrook Stories: GBS senior leads STEM community, inspires younger students

At the Board of Education’s December 9 meeting, the Glenbrook Stories segment highlighted the interests and achievements of Glenbrook South senior, Elizabeth (Ellie) Welch-Jani. While at GBS, Elizabeth has contributed to the local and broader growth of the STEM field in a variety of ways, earning impressive recognition in the field of astrophysics, running a student-led tutoring startup, and spearheading a local Science Olympiad competition for middle school students.

Elizabeth’s interest in astrophysics began at a young age but was critically piqued when she learned that an international team of astronomers detected gravitational waves and light from the collision of neutron stars for the first time. She procured a research position at Northwestern University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics (CIERA), which was affiliated with this historic discovery. Since the summer of 2018, she has conducted astrophysics research with Professor Shane Larson to predict gravitational waves from binary white dwarf stars, which aren’t yet detectable. 

Last spring, she wrote a 40-page research paper on “Gravitational Waves from Simulated White Dwarf Binary Populations" and presented her work at the Illinois Junior Academy of Science State Fair at Southern Illinois University. After a rigorous Q&A session with judges, Elizabeth won Top Paper and Gold at State, the only research paper in the astronomy category to earn this recognition. She is currently working with Professor Larson to prepare a paper for scientific journals that incorporates her ongoing research.

As co-captain of the GBS Science Olympiad team for three years, and a leader of the GBS Women in STEM club, Elizabeth has also sought ways to engage and interest younger students in STEM. She was the lead organizer of an inaugural Science Olympiad competition for middle schoolers at GBS this past November. This student-driven event, which served as a way for current high school students to share their love for science with future Titans, attracted around 200 student competitors from seven local middle schools. 

Video Link: Glenbrook Story, Elizabeth (Ellie) Welch-Jani

District approves property tax levy
Following a public Truth in Taxation hearing during the meeting on December 9, the Board of Education approved its levy for 2019 property taxes to support district operations in the amount of $113,012,584. This levy represents an increase of 4.2 percent over last year’s property tax revenue for operating funds. The percentage increase is based on a 1.9 percent increase for inflation, as determined by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), along with a 2.3 percent estimate to capture new property growth within the tax base.

“The levy allows the district to meet annual expenses, as well as potential enrollment needs resulting from new property growth,” said Assistant Superintendent for Business Services, Dr. R.J. Gravel.

The tax levy and answers to frequently asked questions are available on the District website.

LINK: Financial Information

Student enrollment remains consistent with forecasts

Each year, the district utilizes a combination of data from area public and parochial schools and the expertise of an outside consultant to project student enrollment. The outside consultant uses census data and additional factors, including fertility rates, housing patterns, mortgage rates, mortality rates, migration patterns and unemployment rates. 

“This research helps the district in planning for resource allocations and operations,” said Superintendent Dr. Charles Johns. 

As of October 1, total enrollment for the district is 5,267, representing 22 more students overall than was projected. Glenbrook North's enrollment is 2,074, while Glenbrook South's enrollment is 3,193 students. The enrollment forecast remains consistent with prior forecasts, predicting that GBS enrollment will peak in 2020-21 and then gradually decline. GBN is expected to continue to experience very slight increases in enrollment over the next few years, resulting in an overall consistent district student population.

Memo Link: Enrollment Forecast Update


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