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Board Meeting Highlights: January 28, 2019
Glenbrook Stories: GBS Teacher Terry Harris

The Glenbrook Stories segment at the meeting on January 28 featured GBS special education teacher Mr. Terry Harris.
Harris, who has never been able to hear out of his left ear, suddenly lost all hearing in his right ear as well. This was tragic for someone who so much enjoys being in the classroom and on the baseball field. Thanks to double cochlear implants, Harris not only regained the hearing he had lost, but he now hears in the normal range in both ears – something he’s never been able to do. 
“As a coach, I can now hear from a distance,” he said. “When the ball makes contact with the bat, I can tell how it’s being hit and what we might need to improve on.”
In the classroom, Harris said he has more freedom to walk around the room and connect with students who might face communication issues and struggle with speaking loudly. 
Harris continues to discover noises he’s never heard before: the turn signal in his car, birds, wind chimes, the clicking of a clock, the humming of lights. He calls these beautiful moments his “CI” or cochlear implant moments.

Watch Video: Terry Harris
Read Full Story: Terry Harris

Board considers aligning bell schedules for GBN and GBS

In January 2018, the Board of Education discussed possible changes to the bus transportation service currently serving the high schools. Historically, the bus routes serving the high schools have been paired to the routes serving the elementary feeder school districts. This pairing of bus routes has required GBN and GBS to have different start times to the school day and have prevented the high schools from considering alternative school day schedules.

After an extensive review process and strong collaborative efforts with the feeder districts and the transportation service provider, the Glenbrooks have secured the option to operate bus routes independent of the feeder districts, starting as early as the 2019-20 school year, for a minimal cost increase. As a result of this option, Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South will now have the opportunity to align their bell schedules for the first time, without financial or logistical limitations.

The Glenbrook North leadership team has begun gathering feedback regarding the potential of aligning their school day start and end times with Glenbrook South. This initial alignment would result in a consistent schedule for all students in the school district, enabling focus groups and discussions to evaluate alternative schedules in the future.

Electronic surveys were distributed to current parents, students, and staff at Glenbrook North for feedback

during the week of January 14, 2019. The surveys will close this Friday, February 1. An update regarding

the data results will be presented at the February 11, Board of Education meeting.

LINK: Transportation Systems Update

Board of Education
Skip Shein, Pres.
Bruce Doughty, V. Pres.
Peter Glowacki
Karen Stang Hanley
Dr. Sonia Kim
Dr. Marcelo Sztainberg
Joel Taub
Dr. Mike Riggle

Board Meeting
February 11, @ 7 p.m.

Board Meeting
February 25, @ 7 p.m.

All meetings are held in the Public Meeting Room located at 3801 West Lake,
in Glenview, IL, unless otherwise stated.

3801 West Lake Avenue, Glenview, IL 60026
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