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Board Meeting Highlights: September 23, 2019
Board approves budget for 2019-20

At a regular meeting on September 23, the Glenbrook High School District 225 Board of Education approved the budget for 2019-20. The budget projects $198,076,415 in expenditures.  Included in the budget is the purposeful use of $9.1 million of existing reserves for a negotiated legal settlement and capital projects.

“This year’s budget represents our ongoing effort to provide excellent educational experiences for our students,” said Assistant Superintendent for Business Dr. R.J. Gravel. “The school district continues to demonstrate fiscal responsibility and commitment to fulfill its goals, as demonstrated by completing our three-year life safety capital projects plan this year.  We continue to be on track to become debt-free on January 1, 2028.” 

The community was offered opportunities to provide input on the 2019-20 budget through its posting on the district website for the past two months and a public hearing, which was held on September 9.

District goals for 2019-20

Each year, the Board of Education and Superintendent work together to develop district goals, which help determine priorities, guide planning, and promote fiscally responsible use of resources. The goals for the 2019-20 school year focus on five main areas: the Four A’s (academics, activities, arts and athletics), Communications, Wellness, Security, and Governance and Policy:

- Develop means to improve student performance in academics, activities, athletics and the arts, including alignment of resources and opportunities.
- Continue to study the benefits of physical changes to the buildings to improve learning and expand co-curricular opportunities.
- Responsibly implement an analytical tool to ensure that our broad array of services matches the needs of our students.
- Evaluate data patterns to identify areas to celebrate as well as to improve.
- Review the impact of transitions on learning and develop means to make the transitions a positive experience for students, parents, and educators.  Consolidate transition processes to help ensure they are fair, transparent, and smooth.
- Conclude the homework study, and provide a report and recommendations on improved homework principles and practices.
- Implement the use of digital tools to find efficiencies in the course registration process.

- Broaden the existing communication plan to more frequently and proactively broadcast accurate positive messages about the district and quickly respond to negative and inaccurate information.
- Evaluate and strengthen the internal communications for all board-level initiatives and issues brought to the board. Prepare the board for critical issues in the district.
- Improve the viability of the district website as a key source of content for the district. Improve the user experience by addressing operational and content challenges. Address the needs for programs to have current, accurate and sufficient information to meet the needs of students, parents, and the community.
- Provide communications training to the board and examine means to address inaccurate or misleading public comments.
- Proactively communicate about major issues in the community that merit dialogue. Coordinate with local partners, as much as possible, to expand the communications reach of the district. 

- Develop a proactive, comprehensive approach to addressing student and staff wellness.
- Provide assistance to students to address stress and anxiety as well as effective executive functioning.
- Continually assess the district for opportunities to improve safety, and address threats such as bullying, trauma and controlled substances.
- Consider ways that data can be used to make meaningful steps to address student wellness.

- Establish a long-term vision for safety and security in an effective learning environment.
- Develop, implement and continually re-evaluate a comprehensive safety and security plan for the district.

- Review and revise policies and practices to bring them up to date with statute and school needs.  Employ methods of communication to ensure effective and smooth implementation.

The Board and community will be provided status updates on progress related to the goals during the school year. 


Board of Education

Bruce Doughty, Pres.
Peter Glowacki, V. Pres.
Karen Stang Hanley
Dr. Sonia Kim
Skip Shein
Dr. Marcelo Sztainberg
Joel Taub

Dr. Charles Johns

Board Meeting
October 21, @ 7 p.m.

Board Meeting 
November 12, @ 7 p.m.

All meetings are held in the Public Meeting Room located at 3801 West Lake,
in Glenview, IL, unless otherwise stated.

3801 West Lake Avenue, Glenview, IL 60026
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