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Board Meeting Highlights: December 10, 2018
Glenbrook Stories: Natalie Sandlow

The Glenbrook Stories segment on December 10 featured Sophomore Natalie Sandlow, who recently made history as a GBN cross country runner.

For Natalie, running is a passion and her family’s way of life. What might have seemed on the surface as following in her older sister’s footsteps, quickly became her own path, one she solidified this season as she became the first ever GBN female cross country runner to earn all-state honors in the 3-mile race.

But for Natalie, it’s not about those outcomes, or the glory of the state tournaments - it’s about running. Even more so, it’s about the comradery of the team, setting personal goals, and being present and focused in the competitions.

Coach LeBlanc says she runs with the maturity of an older runner.  “Natalie sets her goals for the season and then works incredibly hard to achieve them,” he said.  “She is also very coachable and willing to listen to ways to improve her racing strategy.”

Natalie ended this season in 21st place in state, the highest in school history, and a personal record (PR) that shaved 21 seconds off her previous best.

Video: Natalie Sandlow

District approves property tax levy

Following a public Truth in Taxation hearing during the meeting on December 10, the Board of Education approved its levy request for 2018 property taxes to support district operations in the amount of $109,945,711. This levy request represents an increase of 4.4 percent, over last year’s property tax revenue. The percentage increase is based on a 2.1 percent increase for inflation as determined by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), along with a 2.3 percent estimate to capture new property growth within the tax base.

“The approved levy allows the district to meet annual expenses, as well as potential enrollment needs resulting from new property growth,” said Assistant Superintendent for Business Services Dr. R.J. Gravel. “Many factors contribute to how a property owner’s taxes are determined, so it’s important that taxpayers not equate the levy request percentage with an assumed percentage increase in their individual property taxes,” said Gravel.

The tax levy and answers to frequently asked questions are available on the District website.

Board of Education
Skip Shein, Pres.
Bruce Doughty, V. Pres.
Peter Glowacki
Karen Stang Hanley
Dr. Sonia Kim
Dr. Marcelo Sztainberg
Joel Taub
Dr. Mike Riggle

Board Meeting 
January 14, @ 7 p.m.

Board Meeting
January 28, @ 7 p.m.

All meetings are held in the Public Meeting Room located at 3801 West Lake,
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