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January/February 2019 Issue

Disability Etiquette

Disability etiquette are guidelines dealing specifically with how to approach people with disabilities and were initially created to challenge social conventions rather than to reinforce them.

Most disability etiquette guidelines seem to be predicated on a simple dictate: "Do not assume..."


"Disability etiquette" exists to draw attention to common assumptions and misconceptions through the provision of guidelines that contradict them. More than that, however, these guidelines are evolving to approximate social etiquette among the non-disabled, in hope that people with disabilities will be treated with "common courtesy."

- McGrattan, 2001

National School Counseling Week 2019, "School Counselors: Providing Lessons for Life," will be celebrated from Feb. 4-8, 2019, to focus public attention on the unique contribution
of school counselors within U.S. school systems. National School Counseling Week, sponsored by American School Counselor Association (ASCA), highlights the tremendous impact school counselors can have in helping students achieve school success and plan for a career.

A school counselor is a member of the education team and is a vital part of the school climate with students and staff. He/she provides valuable assistance in the success of each student with his or her academic goals, social/emotional development and career planning. The link below outlines the roles of a school counselor at the Elementary, Junior High and High School levels.

What Does a School Counselor Do?

Anxiety can be difficult to deal with, but there are ways to deal and overcome anxiety.  A place to start when someone realizes that they are struggling with anxiety is to use deep breathing exercises.  Once your immediate anxiety is under control, then the thoughts causing the anxiety need to be challenged.  Challenging the negative thoughts and changing the narrative of your thoughts is imperative to overcoming anxiety.  Using small techniques add up to a big change in anxiety control.

Treating Anxiety with Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
 January is Disability Awareness month

The biggest barriers people with disabilities encounter are other people. Disability Awareness means educating people regarding disabilities and giving people the knowledge required to carry out a job or task thus separating good practice from poor. It is no longer enough just to know that disability discrimination is unlawful.

Don’t Dis Their Abilities

By: Karen Hall

I have had the opportunity to work with students with varying disabilities for the past 27 years. Fifteen years ago, I was blessed with a son with Down syndrome.  My experiences as a teacher and a parent have taught me that you must always look past the disabilities and see the abilities.  It is always amazing to see what children can do when given an opportunity!  While some children have great difficulties in one area they shine in another. My son struggles with language. He is very hard to understand. It is however very easy to see the positive effect he has on others. His smile, his high fives, his hugs make people happy every day! I have seen my students that are on the spectrum draw some amazing pictures worthy of hanging in a gallery.  The La Porte High school musical has a number of students with varying disabilities singing and dancing on stage. Students with varying disabilities play sports of all kinds.  As adults, people with disabilities have the same hopes and dreams as their typical peers.  Many go on to pursue those dreams with success.

As parents we sometimes think that our children may not be able to __________ (fill in the blank).  We cannot assume that they will never.  We must always look at their abilities and help them to grow. We must plan for their successes. We must focus on a future where they can.  We cannot ever “dis” their abilities!

Check out these kids and their abilities!
Grant Maniér
Inspiring dancer Andrew


For information on all the happenings of the La Porte High School Counseling Department, please visit the Counselor’s Corner Webpage.  It’s a great idea to routinely check this page.  Parents and students can find scholarship information, SAT/ACT Prep information, scheduled parent meetings, college preview days, counseling department announcements, and many other opportunities that are available to students.  We hope that you will stay in the know and check it out today!

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