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Monthly Reminder
February 2019
Winter blues
Don't let winter freeze your motivation. Take advantage of extra time indoors to get college and career ready. Making good financial decisions is part of being successful in life - America Saves Week is coming up Feb. 26 - March 3. Follow along on social media for tips about saving money.
High school students
Take time this winter to plan for your future. Create a college binder and use our redesigned College and Degree Search to find available opportunities in Missouri. Whether you're looking for a short certificate program, associate or bachelor's degree, just remember to find your best fit - it all counts as college.

If your school participates in the A+ Scholarship program, ask your counselor about meeting the requirements. Using the scholarship can help you save a significant amount of money as you work toward earning a degree or certificate.
Sign up for the ACT or SAT this spring. Your score will be used to determine your eligibility for the Missouri Bright Flight program and for scholarships from your potential colleges. According to ACT, 57 percent of students who take the test more than once increase their score, and most questions covered on the ACT are taught before your senior year.
High school seniors
The FAFSA priority deadline is today - Feb. 1 - to qualify for the Access Missouri Grant. The grant, as well as other financial aid, is limited. You can file the FAFSA online or by using the new myStudentAid app.

Decision Day is quickly approaching!
Use our redesigned College and Degree Search to find the right college and program for you. Use the College Fit Worksheet to compare more factors and help you make your final college decision.
After you file your FAFSA, compare your financial aid offers using the College Cost Comparison Worksheet, and always accept free money before accepting student loans. Only take out loans if you really need them to pay for school.
Extra time inside? Find and apply for scholarships! Don't pass up applying for smaller scholarships - it all adds up and can make a big difference on your out-of-pocket expenses.  

If you score a 31 or higher on your ACT, you will qualify for the Bright Flight Scholarship. There is still time to take your ACT and improve your score this spring, register for a test near you!
College students
More than 60,330 students have filed their 2019-20 FAFSA to qualify for the Access Missouri Grant. Are you one of those students? The FAFSA priority deadline is today - Feb. 1. Check to see when your college's FAFSA deadline is, and file the FAFSA online at or by using the new myStudentAid app.

Time is money – the more time you spend in college, the more your expenses rack up. Think about taking more credit hours, think 15 to Finish, as you work toward your degree.

Did you know college algebra may not be the best math course for your major? Check with your advisor before automatically registering for the course. Many majors now prefer a different course, such as statistics or mathematical reasoning - instead of college algebra.
Check out the new Course Transfer Tracker to see your transfer options and to track your progress toward meeting general education requirements.
If you are a Bright Flight or A+ Scholarship 
recipient, keep in mind that as a renewal student, a 2.5 cumulative GPA is required to continue receiving the award. Keep these and other scholarship renewal requirements in mind throughout your semester.

Important dates
Feb. 1
Access Missouri Grant,
Priority Deadline

Feb. 8
SAT Registration

Feb. 9
ACT Test Date

March 8
ACT Registration

March 9
SAT Test Date
April 5

SAT Registration

April 13
ACT Test Date

May 1
Decision Day
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Texting Service:

High school seniors
: text #MOJ2C to 41411

College students: text #MOSuccess to 41411
The most important thing right now for college students and high school seniors is securing financial aid for next academic year. Help your student file the 2019-20 FAFSA as soon as possible. The priority deadline to qualify for the Access Missouri Grant is Feb. 1. This is also the same date many colleges use for their priority financial aid deadline.

If you have a high school senior and have the FAFSA taken care of already, you will receive financial aid offers from the schools you listed on the form. Take time to compare the offers and think through a final school choice. Review the type of financial aid being offered. Discourage your student from taking out loans if they don't need them. Loans should only be used for college expenses, including room and board. Learn more about student loans and smart borrowing.   
High school students can prepare for college and a career by taking certain courses. Learn more about what the Missouri Department of Higher Education and many colleges recommend.

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