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February 7, 2019

House committees approve changes to the Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant
The House Workforce Development Committee, chaired by Rep. Kathy Swan, voted to amend HB 225 (Swan) 14-0 on Feb. 4. The house committee substitute clarified the eligibility criteria for receiving the grant by limiting it to those who have not already received a bachelor’s degree and to those who are at least twenty-five years of age and have not been enrolled in an educational program for the prior two academic years.

HCS HB 225 (Swan) was then referred to the House Rules Committee on Legislative Oversight, chaired by Rep. Rocky Miller, which voted the bill out of committee 7-0 on Feb. 6. The bill has been reported out of committee and is now waiting to be debated by the full House.

House Veterans Committee hears bill modifying the Missouri Returning Heroes Act
The House Veterans Committee, chair by Rep. Chuck Bayse, heard testimony on HB 400 (Bayse). The bill changes the Missouri Returning Heroes Education Act by prohibiting any public institution of higher education from charging combat veterans more than 30 percent of the cost of tuition and fees for any program leading to a graduate degree. The veteran must have been a Missouri resident when first entering the military or entered military service in Missouri. Testifying in favor of the bills were two army veterans.
Senate committee hears bill establishing the "Private College Campus Protection Act"
The Senate Transportation, Infrastructure & Public Safety Committee, chaired by Sen. Doug Libla, received testimony on SB 129 (Sater) on Feb. 7. The bill allows the governing board of a private college or university to employ police officers to enforce certain regulations and general motor vehicle laws of the state, including controlling vehicular traffic on any thoroughfare owned or maintained by the college or university. Testifying in support of the bill were Kurt McDonald, College of the Ozarks, and Bill Gamble, Independent Colleges and Universities of Missouri. The bill is similar to HB 105 (Justus), which was referred to the House Higher Education Committee on Jan. 16.
House Budget Committee to hear higher education budget next week
Commissioner Zora Mulligan and her staff will present the FY 2020 higher education budget request and Governor’s recommendations to the House Budget Committee on Tuesday, Feb. 12.


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