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May 2019
Final countdown        
For some of you, classes may already be over and you're anxiously awaiting the turn of your tassel. Others are gearing up for finals and trying to make it through the last few weeks. No matter where you are this May, there is a lot to think about for the summer ahead. 
High school students
Finish out your last few weeks strong. Make time to complete projects and study for final exams. Your GPA counts now, and can impact class ranking, college admissions, and scholarship eligibility. 

If you don't have big plans for the summer, make some! You can do a lot from home, without spending money - make a list of books you want to check out from the library, find educational games online to keep your skills up, write some short stories with a friend or try learning a different language. Work a part-time job to pass the time, get something on your resume, and put away some money in savings.  

Use your summer to have fun, but also to get a better idea of what you want to do after high school. Use the College and Degree Search or the MoSCORES to research careers. 

Do your parents have any friends with a career you might like? Ask to job shadow for a day or two to ask questions and see how it all works. Try summer camps to build leadership skills and grow your interest for subjects like STEM, art, history or music. 
High school seniors
Haven't figured out what you're going to do yet after graduation? It's ok! There is still time. Finalize your plans now. All education beyond high school counts as college and there are so many benefits to continuing your education. 
If you filed your FAFSA, you probably received a financing package or financial aid award letter from your college. Be sure to consider your actual costs before taking out any student loans. Ask questions about repayment now, so you can understand what your responsibilities will be later. You don't have to accept all of the loan, or any for that matter! Always accept scholarships and grants before loans. You will have to pay back the loans, with interest, no matter what. Learn how to be a responsible and smart borrower and ways to reduce out-of-pocket costs.
If you haven't filed your FAFSA yet, make that your #1 priority. File the FAFSA online or by using the new myStudentAid app.
Did you know there are scholarships out there for students at every level. Keep applying this summer, and every year during college. There are tons of scholarships out there!

Also keep in mind that if you received any renewable scholarships, there may be requirements, like a certain number of credit hours, or GPA, to keep it for multiple semesters.

Some students fall off the college track during the summer after graduation - don't let that be you. Take care of everything you need this summer to start classes this fall, such as:
 • college orientation
 • registration
 • books
 • transportation
 • housing
 • financial aid  

If you know you're going to work during college, start researching job opportunities now. Working on campus can have its benefits, like flexible hours around your class schedule, and less commute, but those jobs can fill up fast. Start applying now!
College students
Did you take out any student loans this year? Any idea how much repayment will be? Consider your earning potential before taking out anymore loans. 

Scholarships aren't just for high school seniors and incoming freshmen. Look for scholarships throughout college to help offset those loans and out-of-pocket expenses! 

Most students aren't taking enough credits to graduate with their associate degree in two years or their bachelor's degree in four years. Are you on track? Consider adding a course to your fall class schedule - think 15 to Finish

Transferring for the fall semester? Check out the Course Transfer Tracker to see how your credits will transfer.

If you haven't already, file the FAFSA online at or by using the new myStudentAid app.

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Help your students make smart financial choices. Check out our social media posts this month to learn about specific ways students can stay on the right track when it comes to money.
The end of the year can be a busy time for students and families. Set aside time to discuss goals and expectations as testing and finals approach. Brainstorm ideas for summer activities and talk about how you can make the most of future free time.

Don’t let the sticker price of a college degree scare you. A majority of students receive some type of financial assistance to help
offset higher education expenses. 
Start saving now for your child's education with a Missouri MOST529 plan. The rules around these plans have changed in the last few years, making them more friendly for short-term saving and transferability. Check them out!

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