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May 21, 2019

General Assembly passes three bills affecting higher education

The General Assembly concluded their work on Friday, May 17, at 6:00 p.m. In the final week of session, the legislature Truly Agreed to and Finally passed three bills affecting higher education:

  • HB 604 (Henderson) modifies several provision relating to elementary and secondary education, including expanding the A+ program by allowing high school students to be reimbursed for the cost of tuition, books, and fees of any dual credit or dual enrollment course through a community college or public vocational technical school. It also reduces the number of years that a student is required to attend an A+ designated high school from three years to two.
  •  SB 68 (Hough) modifies provisions relating to workforce development and includes the creation of the Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant.
  • SB 306 (White) modifies several provisions relating to military families, including (1) modifying the determination of in-state tuition rates for dependents of military members, (2) removing the sunset provision for the Wartime Veteran’s Survivor Grant, and (3) expanding the Missouri Returning Heroes’ Education Act.
Fast Facts for the Session

Items in bold relate directly to higher education. Italicized items have been signed by the Governor. 

Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed:

  • HB 77 (Black): Modifies provisions relating to teacher and school employee retirement systems
  •  HB 126 (Schroer): To establish the “Missouri Stands for the Unborn Act” that places new limits on abortion
  • HB 138 (Kidd): Establishes “Simon’s Law,” which changes the laws regarding life-sustaining or nonbeneficial treatment policies of health care facilities
  • HB 182 (Shull): Modifies provisions related to interest rates on insurance payments
  • HB 192 (DeGroot): Modifies provisions relating to the payment fines by offenders
  • HB 220 (Andrews): Modifies provisions relating to the taxation of property involved in producing wind energy
  • HB 243 (Neely): Allows victims of certain crimes to be released from certain lease agreements if documentation is provided to the landlord
  • HB 260 (Taylor): Imposes civil penalties for poaching certain animals
  • HB 266 (Muntzel): Creates the designation of “State Historical Theater” and specifies criteria to apply for and achieve such designation
  • HB 355 (Plocher): Modifies provisions for appealing orders and decisions of the public service commission
  • HB 397 (Coleman): Modifies provisions regarding the protection of children
  • HB 399 (Basye): Changes the laws relating to health care
  • HB 447 (Houx): Modifies provisions relating to coroners
  • HB 448 (Pike): Designates the Cloria Brown Memorial Highway in St. Louis County
  • HB 499 (Griesheimer): Modifies provisions relating to transportation
  • HB 547 (Griffith): Requires each judicial circuit to establish a veterans’ treatment court
  • HB 565 (Morse): Seven new state designations
  • HB 604 (Henderson): Establishes the School Turnaround Program to assist schools in need of intervention
  • HB 612 (Coleman): Transfers the Missouri State Council on the Arts to the Office of the Lieutenant Governor by Type II transfer
  • HB 655 (Dinkins): Modifies provisions relating to killing of feral hogs
  • HB 677 (Patterson): Extends the authority to appropriate money for certain convention and sports complex funds
  • HB 694 (Anderson): Modifies provisions relating to fingerprint-based criminal records checks
  • HB 812 (Houx): Designates the “Trooper John N Greim Memorial Highway” on a portion of U.S. Highway 50 in Johnson County
  • HB 821 (Solon): Establishes the Land Bank Act, which authorizes St. Joseph to create a land bank
  • HB 831 (Sharpe): Establishes a special license plate for the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives
  • HB 898 (Walsh): Establishes a “Back the Blue” special license plate
  • HB 926 (Shawan): Modifies certain provisions relating to dealer license plates
  • HB 959 (Plocher): Modifies provisions of the Motor Vehicle Franchise Practices Act
  • HB 1088 (Houx): Establishes the Million Dollar Boondoggle Act of 2019
  • HCR 18 (Spencer): Urges public schools to institute JROTC in their schools
  • HCR 34 (Riggs): Urges the Baseball Hall of Fame to induct John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil
  • SB 1 (Curls): Modifies provisions relating to criminal offenders
  • SB 7 (Emery): Modifies provisions of civil procedure regarding joinder and venue
  • SB 12 (Cunningham): Modifies provision relating to charges for the service of court orders
  • SB 17 (Romine): Modifies provisions relating to public employee retirement systems
  • SB 21 (Libla): Modifies provisions relating to local sales taxes
  • SB 29 (Hegeman): Extends the sunset on certain health care provider reimbursement allowances
  • SB 30 (Hegeman): Allows evidence of failure to wear a seatbelt to prove comparative negligence or to mitigate damages
  • SB 36 (Riddle): Modifies provisions relating to real estate
  • SB 54 (Crawford): Enacts provisions relating to insurance companies
  • SB 68 (Hough): Modifies provisions relating to workforce development
  • SB 83 (Cunningham): Modifies provisions relating to the relocation of a child covered by a custody or visitation order
  • SB 84 (Cunningham): Extends the sunset date on certain geologic resources fees from December 31, 2020, to December 31, 2025
  • SB 87 (Wallingford): Modifies provision relating to income tax refund donations
  • SB 89 (Libla): Enacts provisions relating to licenses to operate motor vehicles
  • SB 90 (Libla): Modifies various provisions relating to employment security
  • SB 101 (Riddle): Establishes a statewide hearing aid distribution program
  • SB 133 (Cunningham): Modifies provisions relating to agriculture
  • SB 134 (Wallingford): Modifies provisions relating to solid waste
  • SB 138 (Riddle): Creates new provisions relating to reports issued by the State Auditor
  • SB 147 (Sater): Enacts provisions relating to motor vehicle registration periods
  • SB 167 (Crawford): Modifies provisions relating to bonding requirements on public works
  • SB 174 (Crawford): Modifies provisions relating to taxation
  • SB 179 (Cunningham): Modifies filing requirements for certain banks and financial institutions
  • SB 180 (Wallingford): Modifies provisions relating to incentives for the creation of military jobs
  • SB 182 (Cierpiot): Modifies provisions regarding Tax incentives for businesses that relocated to certain counties on the Missouri-Kansas border
  • SB 185 (Wallingford): Provides eligibility for certain state employers in the Missouri State Employee’s Retirement System
  • SB 196 (Bernskoetter): Modifies provisions relating to the Division of State Parks
  • SB 197 (Onder): Modifies provisions relating to intoxicating liquor
  • SB 202 (Romine): Creates provisions relating to mining royalties on federal land
  • SB 203 (Nasheed): Modifies nuisance actions on certain cities and counties
  • SB 210 (May): Creates a number of official state designations, a memorial highway, and the Missouri Historical Theater programs
  • SB 213 (Hegeman): Enacts new provisions relating to the nonpartisan state demographer
  • SB 224 (Luetkemeyer): Modifies various Supreme Court Rules relating to discovery
  • SB 230 (Crawford): Modifies provisions relating to venue in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings
  • SB 275 (Sater): Modifies provisions relating to health care
  • SB 282 (Brown): Modifies provisions relating to the disposition of human remains
  • SB 291 (Wallingford): Modifies provisions relating to emergency communication services
  • SB 297 (White): Allows individuals 75 years of age or older to be excused from petit and grand jury service
  • SB 306 (White): Modifies provisions regarding school registration and in-state tuition for dependents of military members
  • SB 333 (Rizzo): Authorizes certain fire protection districts and municipalities to propose a 0.5% sales tax for fire protection
  • SB 368 (Hough): Allows for dealer license plates to be displayed on motor vehicles owned by a dealership for use by a customer while the customer’s vehicle is being serviced or repaired
  • SB 391 (Bernskoetter): Modifies provisions relating to agricultural operations
  • SB 397 (White): Extends the period of time in which a petition to create a museum and cultural district may be filed
  • SB 414 (Wieland): Enacts provisions relating to innovation in health insurance
  • SB 514 (Sater): Modifies provisions relating to MO HealthNet benefits for persons in foster care
  • SCR 2 (Hegeman): Requests the U.S. Congress to replace the statue of Thomas Hart Benton in the Statuary Hall of the U.S. Capitol with a statue of Harry S Truman
  • SCR 4 (Curls): Designates the Kansas City Chiefs as the official professional football team of the state of Missouri
  • SCR 5 (Wallingford): Establishes the Joint Committee on Solid Waste Management District Operations
  • SCR 6 (Schupp): Calls on the Chinese Government to end the practice of organ harvesting from prisoners
  • SCR 13 (Emery): Encourages schools to include courses on the Bible in education curriculum
  • SCR 14 (Schatz): Authorizes and directs the Office of Administration to execute and deliver a financing agreement for payment of debt service on transportation bonds issued by the Highways and Transportation Commission
  • SCR 17 (Wieland): Establishes September 8-14, 209 as “Resiliency Week”
  • SJR 14 (Luetkemeyer): Modifies term limits for various elected public officers


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