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April 19, 2019

Second Senate committee passes Fast Track
On Thursday, April 18, the Senate Fiscal Oversight Committee, chaired by Sen. Mike Cunningham, went into executive session on HB 225 (Swan), which creates the Fast Track Workforce Incentive Grant. The bill was voted out of committee 5-1, with Sens. Ed Emery and Jamilah Nasheed voting in opposition.
Veterans legislation advances in the General Assembly
On Tuesday, April 16, the Senate Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, chaired by Sen. Bill White, received public testimony on HB 400 (Basye), which expands the Missouri Returning Heroes’ Education Act. Testifying in support of the bill was Erik Anthes on behalf of Missouri and America’s Combat Veterans. The committee then received information about HB 715 (Lynch), which removes the sunset provision for the Wartime Veteran’s Survivor Grant Program. There were no witnesses to speak on the bill.

On Wednesday, April 17, the House Veterans Committee, chaired by Rep. Chuck Basye, went into executive session. SB 283 (Hoskins), which removes the sunset provision for the Wartime Veteran’s Survivor Grant Program, was voted out of committee 12-0. The committee then received public testimony on SB 306 (White), which modifies the determination of eligibility for in-state tuition for military dependents. While there were no witnesses to speak on the bill, committee members did ask when determination of eligibility was made, what would happen to the tuition rate if the military member was transferred out of state before his or her dependent graduated, and what would happen to the tuition rate if the military member received transfer orders that were subsequently cancelled.
Senate debates Title IX legislation
On Tuesday, April 6, the Senate took up for debate SB 259 (Romine), which implements a system for due process proceedings for Title IX complaints. During the six hours of debate, several amendments were offered and either defeated or withdrawn. Around 2:00 a.m., the bill was placed back on the Informal Calendar – Senate Bills for Perfection.
Senate considers higher education omnibus bill
On Thursday, April 18, the Senate Transportation, Infrastructure and Public Safety Committee, chaired by Sen. Doug Libla, received public testimony on HB 575 (Dohrman), which modifies provisions relating to higher education. Specifically, the bill (1) allows institutions of higher education to designate one or more faculty or staff members as campus protection officers; (2) allows students enrolled in STEM Studies Enhancement Programs to be eligible for dual credit scholarships; (3) disallows public institutions of higher education from requiring students to pay fees related to health care if they show proof of health insurance coverage; (4) exempts students from living on campus past their freshman year; and (5) allows for the concealed carrying of firearms on college campuses. Committee members asked if there would be restrictions on the type of firearm carried, if the legislation would make the job of campus police officers more difficult, and whether other states allow concealed carry on college campuses. There was one witness who testified in support of the legislation and 16 individuals who testified in opposition. Organizations in opposition include the Council on Public Higher Education, the Missouri Community College Association, and the Missouri NEA.
Senate Appropriations finalizes changes to higher education budget
This week, the Senate made its second round of edits to the appropriations bills. On Tuesday, the committee finalized the budget numbers; on Wednesday, they finalized appropriations language and flexibility; and on Thursday they voted the budget out of the committee. HB 3 was voted out of committee by a vote of 12-1. Next week, the budget will go before the full Senate for debate.

The committee finalized the following items, which had been left open last week:

    • MoExcels: The Committee took the Governor’s recommendation over the House - $16,335,975.
    • Crowder College nursing expansion: The committee eliminated this funding added by the House - $332,500.
    • State Technical College of Missouri: The Senate added money for performance funding - $500,000.

Each public university other than Missouri State and the University of Missouri System received a $1 million increase in core funding. MSU received a $10 million core increase and the UM System received a $10 million core increase for their new Precision Medicine Building.

The Senate also removed some appropriations language added by the House that eliminated funding for public institutions of higher education that offer a tuition rate to any student with an unlawful immigration status in the United States that is less than the tuition rate charged to international students.
Fast Facts for the Week
Items in bold related directly to higher education.

Sent to the Governor:
    • HB 14 (Smith): To appropriate money for supplemental purposes for the several departments and offices of state government

Passed by the Senate:
     • SB 60 (Arthur): Modifies provisions relating to victims of certain crimes including rental agreements and prostitution
    • SB 210 (May): Designates the pawpaw tree as the state fruit tree of Missouri and the hellbender salamander as the official endangered species for the state of Missouri
    • SB 218 (Hoskins): Establishes a pilot program for agricultural education programs in elementary schools
    • SB 363 (Riddle): Modifies provisions relating to background checks
    • SCR 14 (Schatz): Authorizes and directs the Office of Administration to execute and deliver a financing agreement for payment of debt service on transportation bonds issued by the Highways and Transportation Commission
    • SJR 14 (Luetkemeyer): Modifies term limits for various elected public officers                   

Passed by the House:
    • HB 186 (Trent): Provides that a person who is injured by a product has 10 years after the sale or lease of the product to bring a suit for damages
    • HB 191 (Kolkmeyer): Designates portions of specified State Highways as a Memorial Highway
    • HB 281 (Kelley): Allows school districts to implement alternative methods of instruction to avoid make-up days
    • HB 301 (Schroer): Modifies provisions relating to nurses
    • HB 338 (Schnelting): Designates May 26 of each year as the Battle of St. Louis Memorial Day
    • HB 349 (Hannegan): Provides that the practice of cosmetology and barbering do not include shampooing
    • HB 379 (McGaugh): Allows the department of natural resources to award grants to preserve, protect, or restore historic county courthouses and historic county courthouse grounds
    • HB 679 (Tate): Authorizes the department of revenue to design and implement a remote driver’s license renewal system
    • HB 749 (Tate): Establishes a Towing Task Force
    • HB 756 (Pfautsch): Enacts provisions relating to unanticipated out-of-network health care services
    • HB 758 (Bondon): Adds provisions relating to hospital inspections
    • HB 769 (Ross): Removes the requirement for the attorney general to reside in Jefferson City
    • HB 816 (Black): Changes provisions relating to embalming apprenticeships
    • HB 930 (Ross): Allows the Commissioner of Administration to conduct a reverse auction
    • HB 932 (Rehder): Establishes multidisciplinary adult protection teams
    • HB 937 (Murphy): Modifies provisions relating to lobbyists
    • HB 943 (McGirl): Modifies provisions relating to the issuance and renewal of CPA permits
    • HB 951 (Haden): Prohibits the inspection of certain grounds or facilities in Missouri to enforce the laws of a state other than Missouri
    • HB 966 (Gregory): Creates the offense of vehicle hijacking
    • HB 1057 (Shawan): Changes provisions relating to infection control data reporting
    • HB 1062 (Hansen): Modifies provisions for eminent domain for utility purposes
    • HB 1094 (Dorhman): Prohibits the assessment of penalties on certain late income tax payments for the 2018 tax year
    • HB 1151 (Evans): Modifies provisions relating to sexual offenders
    • HB 1206 (Anderson): Modifies provisions relating to state parks
    • HCR 34 (Riggs): Urges the Baseball Hall of Fame to induct John Jordan “Buck” O’Neil

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