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So much of the construction industry these days can seem like a zero-sum game. Most construction projects are awarded based upon low price. We subcontractors have laughingly said that our first reaction to winning a project is not “great!” but instead, “what did we miss?” At an industry meeting recently, we were asked if we believed we made money on change orders. All but one contractor said no. Design documents are often incomplete. Schedules get squeezed and by the time a project is awarded, it is not unusual for us to find that we are already behind. Project delivery is typically fragmented, in which each individual player focused only on their performance, sometimes to the detriment of the whole.

What if, instead, the general industry practice was to create project teams early on in the construction process? Studies and experience show that early and effective project teaming increases owner satisfaction and quality of construction. Early teaming also will improve project performance on measures such as project schedule, cost, safety practices, and change management.*

Aschinger was honored to be on the Habitat for Humanity Headquarters & ReStore project team, for which SM Wilson and the construction team won the Best Practices-Partnering award from the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers on April 1. This project was truly a team effort, where the Owner brought the design team, general contractor, and all subcontractors together early in the construction process. Both design and construction were involved in all elements of the construction team. This helped alleviate many of the traditional obstacles that can occur on a project. The end result was a smooth schedule process and significant cost savings. The functioning of a team produced the completion of a dream.

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Emily Martin

* Azmy, Nurhidayah, “The Role of Team Effectiveness in Construction Project Teams and Project Performance” (2012). Graduate Theses and Dissertations. To read more click here.  
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Emily Martin

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